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By: Quickbooks Training  06-Dec-2011

The software that grows with your business every step of the way


If your business has grown and needs more than one person to manage the finances, consider the cost-effective solution of Quickbooks PRO 6.0 5 User License.This new multi-user version allows up to five users to access the software simultaneously.Simple put, instead of purchasing three to four copies of Quickbooks PRO 6.0, the multi-user version contains just one CD, enabling you four other user to register, set independent preference and access accounts whenever you desire.

Launching for the very first time in New Zealand, Quickbooks Payroll 6.0 takes the stress out of managing your entire payroll system at the end touch of a button.Designed particularly for smaller businesses with up to ten staff, it tracks all employee information into the one file such as IRD numbers, bank details, pay, deductions, holiday and sick leave, while printing pay slips in a variety of formats.