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By: Quantel  05-Apr-2012
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TG-824 & TG-900
GSM/CDMA Broadband Repeaters Mobile coverage solutions
  • Quantel Mobile repeaters can deliver your farm or building increased mobile coverage from your preferred mobile carrier.
  • Designed to increase signal in the areas where your coverage is poor. The Quantel mobile repeaters with smart antenna design can cover a small building or a farm easily.
  • With the ability to cover multiple antennas so coverage can be inside as well as outside this is an ideal solution for mobile coverage inside and outside.
Superb, Powerful Coverage Ultimate solution for operators and mobile users to overcome the real-world challenges in large in-door coverage areas, our TG Broadband Repeater Series has dedicated itself to improving cell signals for multi-floor and large commercial installations. The integrated and powerful TG-824 Broadband Repeater is easy to install, and has been designed specifically to extend mobile coverage in areas such as multi-story homes, supermarkets and office buildings up to 30,000 sq feet or 3,000 sq meters of empty space. The TG-824 is the ideal solution for operators and mobile users seeking a quick and costeffective coverage solution for their GSM/CDMA850 networks. Key Features and Benefits
  • Powerful Performance: Combines a UL/DL gain of up to 60dB with superior UL/DL output power of +27dBm to effectively cover a variety of larger indoor areas.
  • Broadband Coverage: Amplifies all RF signal within the band, enabling complete access to services of ALL operators.
  • Manual Gain Control (MGC): Enables flexible adoption to various mobile environments. A DIP switch provides easy access to individual UL or DL gain attenuation, ranging from 29~60dB.
  • Multiple Service Antennas Support: With the ability to install multiple service antennas on a single indoor repeater, it provides extensive coverage to the multiple areas of the premises. Ensures that strong coverage can be provided to the furthest reaches of your home or office.
  • High Voltage Power Supply: A plug-and-use 12V DC power supply provides flexibility in choice of power supply sources and the applications that repeater is being used. Freedom to connect directly to car batteries, solar panels, trailers, boats, etc. Also facilitates power transmission in countries with not stable AC lines.
  • Compact Design and Easy Installation: Offers extremely simple, plug and play installation even for non experienced users. Also optionally available with a selection of accessories needed for a complete installation.
Price on Application
System costs vary depending on cable lengths and number of antennas. Please for a quote.

Keywords: Mobile Phone Boosters, Office Solutions

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Complete Network Safety: Functions such as Auto Isolation Detection, Auto Shutdown and Auto Turn-on ensure that the repeater is optimally positioned and safe guarded at all times. Embedded Service Antenna: An embedded service antenna is designed to enhance efficient service, while eliminating the need for additional cable installation. For user convenience, includes a digital LED display providing feedback on gain.