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By: Qps Benchmarking  06-Dec-2011
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Are you offering the best possible service?

Know the answer with QPS Benchmarking

Anyone receiving a service is entitled to the best possible service, particularly for those in our community who are vulnerable, such as the frail, aged or people with a disability. The service they receive should be of the highest possible quality. With the help of QPS Benchmarking and the QPS Community Care program, you can ensure that you are identifying care needs and delivering the highest quality service possible to everyone.

Quality Reporting for CACP, EACH, HACC & NRCP

The QPS Community Care Benchmarking Program supplies Community Care providers with quality reporting for CACP, EACH, HACC & NRCP, as well as a comprehensive quality improvement program and follow-up reports. A key component of the Community Care Benchmarking Program is a comprehensive quality improvement program that includes a set of researched and tested indicators designed to measure performance across Community Care Standards. The underlying principle for data collection is based on efficiency; this means one tool will provide the results for many indicators, decreasing the workload and effort required to demonstrate outcomes.

Streamline your reporting

Updated and compliant with the new Community Care Common Standards, the QPS Community Care benchmarking program is ready to help guide your organisation through the new changes to reporting. All clients of the QPS Community Care benchmarking program are provided with the complete package of data collection tools and performance indicators required for Community Care Quality Reporting. Further options are also available for those clients who would like to understand and measure performance in other critical areas, such as human resources, safety, financial, and key management processes.

Continuous Improvement

Introducing a quality system includes more than developing policies and procedures. It includes having a way to check that you are achieving or doing what you set out to. With the QPS Community Care service you are able to continually assess the level of service and quality. This will ensure that your facility remains up-to-date and satisfies all standards and requirements year after year. With the expert knowledge and ongoing support from the QPS team, you can rely on the QPS Community Care benchmarking program for the results you need.

The QPS Community Care Service is the premier benchmarking service for Community Care organisations, backed by a level of industry expertise only the QPS team can offer.

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