Brothers Keeper Icons

By: Pycroft  06-Dec-2011

Here are a pair of icons for those of you who still use BK5-Dos
& those who desire an alternative icon for BK6.
They are of my creation and no disrespect of John STEED's BK Logo is intended.
| for BK5-DOS version
These are 16 color, 32x32 pixel bitmaps (bmp) and have the extension changed to "ico" .
| for BK6 Version.                         in the Netherlands sent me his contribution.
| for BK6 version
Menno's Icons are actually ico files, but the pics here are bmp if you wish to use those.
| for BK5-DOS version
How do I use these?
  • Obtain a shortcut on your desktop by your normal methods.
  • Press "Change Icon" Button.
  • Browse to the folder where you have placed the icon. This would best be in the BK program folder.
  • That should present you with the options of the Icon from the program and the new one you have just placed there.
  • Enjoy.
  • BK6.0.xx is now on the market.
    It promises to be a worthy competition to the glossier genealogical programs. It will certainly record ALL you ever might want to record. The reports are still being developed and remain in the old BK5 tradition. However the treatment of additional fields, with formal Sources, Notes & WITNESSES is a major boon for serious genealogists. John Steed is rigidly conforming to the GedCom Standard are far as users will let him.
    BROTHERS KEEPERDiscussion Group.
    is an eMail system that provides for useful exchange of ideas & information concerning that program. John Steed regularly joins in with answers & advice to some of the principles raised.
    Email :- For ListServe (BK5-L)

    For those with a Genealogical interest in the non-English lanuages of Europe, in Norway has this useful BK and general genealogical site .
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