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By: Pure Living Water  06-Dec-2011

Our Products:

12 x .650 ml Eco-Bottles per ctn $24.00 

15 ltr Water Cooler delivered $11.30

17 ltr White Cube delivered $12.30

YES we can Freight Yes we can deliver Yes there are conditions.  

  • Outstanding taste / Cellular hydration

  • Value for money / Nutrient delivery
  • Oxygen rich / Detoxifcation
  • Eco plant Bottle -PLA / Purity High
  • Great service / Reliability

    We are all so excited here to be able to offer you our Eco bottle and OUR most enviromently rewarding !!!! product to date. The .650 ml Corn bottle thats right PLA this bottle is made from plants,

  • This product is supported by our friends and yours ( ingeo ) our labels are made from Envirosense, and our water is awesome !!!!!

    ingeo -NatureWorks' enviromental objectives.

    1. Source raw materials from renewable feedstock

    2. Reduce fossil energy consumption

    3. Reduce green house gases

    4. Minimize water use ( waste and pollution)

    5. Eliminate waste and byproducts

    6. in a vison to zero waste, offer the greatest number of end-of-life (EOL) land fill diversion options:

    Mechanical recycling, industrial composting, clean incineration with power recovery.
    Go to our ORDER PAGE. and see for yourself .

    Deliveries of the 15 and 17 ltr water containers only apply to the Auckland area.
    Keeping NZ Green and Oceans clean.

    Recycle and Upcycle when ever, where ever possible.

Pictures coming soon !!!! and alot more products and suppliers,

  1. The Healthy Salt Company ( Himalayan salt )

  2. Lifestream

  3. Malcolm K Harker

  4. Earthwise ( cleaners and domestic requirements )

  5. Holistic Hair

  6. Wellness Now Ltd ( cell food )

  • $ 24.00 PER CTN + FREIGHT

  • Yes to a better life Yes to happiness Yes to Awesome value.

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