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By: Pure Ip  06-Dec-2011
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Pure IP can provide toll-free and geographic numbers from over 110 countries worldwide utilizing Voice over IP technology.  Pure IP can terminate calls to a traditional PBX, a next generation IP PBX, sip handsets, mobiles or landlines, or provide a completely hosted solution.

Typically, in the traditional PBX scenario, Pure IP will install a gateway on the customer site.  The gateway is connected to the Internet on one side and the PBX on the other as illustrated below. The type of gateway installed depends upon whether there is an analog card, E-1 card, or T-1 card interface in the PBX and the amount of concurrent calls.

For redundancy purposes, we program each international geographic and toll-free numbers to fail-over to the PSTN or to a hosted call centre scenario whenever an issue on the internet or equipment occurs.

The service is intended to allow multiple types of applications and a number of call routing options that can be used individually or together, to accommodate the most specific of needs. The Routing Options allow your Company to fully utilise its resources and manage its costs efficiently.


Time Routing

  • Calls can be routed by Day of Year, e.g. On Bank Holidays your calls route as they would do on a Sunday.
  • By Day of Week, e.g. Weekend calls route to one call centre only.
  • Day of Month, e.g. Specific monthly days are chosen to route calls differently.
  • Time of day, e.g. Out of office hours calls divert to one call centre only.
  • By VoIP or PSTN

Other Benefits

  • Gives easy access for customers worldwide to contact your company.
  • Creates a virtual presence in a country without the expense of establishing an office or hiring staff.
  • Ideal for managing out of country sales or design teams.  Assign a number in each country which routes to a conference bridge and staff can call without dialing internationally.


Our International Toll Free and geographic number service is available for your business and your customer to calls from more than 110  countries worldwide:

All prices in GB pence excluding VAT. All calls billed by the second except premium rate calls.


  • International toll free number have a one off setup charge and per minute charge with a monthly minimum spend of $10 per number.
  • International geographic numbers have a one setup charge and a monthly rental.  Each   international geographic number comes with 2 concurrent inbound calls.  Additional channels are available for each number or across a batch of numbers.
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Keywords: Call Centre, Voice Over Ip

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