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A small job may have a bigger impact than a big one—so enjoy the benefits of giving attention to that detail!

You may require only a quick spelling and grammar check or a bit of help with document layout or you may require more assistance to heighten credibility through some clever word-smithing in order to get your point across succinctly in a visually pleasing format.

Whatever you require, you are sure to benefit from one or more of our services, once you have determined which you need.

We can definitely assist!

Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

Need documents prepared for in-house publishing?
Unbalanced or odd page layout may leave your readers uninspired to venture past the first sentence, yet it is something which can be relatively simple to correct.

We can prepare your reports, booklets, newsletters, programmes or pamphlets for you to publish in-house. In other words, we can polish any document that you have created which requires an eye for layout in order to present an attractive professional finish.

Alternatively, if you provide us with the content, we can create the finished product from scratch, if that is your preference.


Unsure your grammar and overall use of language will get your message across or encourage your readers to continue to page 2?
If your writing style is difficult to understand, readers may lose interest in what you are presenting or they may wonder whether you are sure of your offer.

Lack of clarity will hamper progress with your readers, whether it is in persuading them to buy something or inspiring them to finish reading your book—or worse, inspiring them to start reading your book!

Good editing will not change your style, but will ensure that your audience gets the best possible experience from reading your work.


Not sure if your document is consistent in the formatting styles you have applied or whether you have even selected them appropriately?
Consistency in formatting styles throughout your document is important. It can be a tedious job, particularly if you have lots of sub-sections and sub-headings, but it definitely affects the impression made by the final product.

Ensuring consistency in heading and paragraph styles, page and section or chapter numbering, tables of contents and so on, reflects the necessary attention to detail that is required for the written word.


Document or web page not looking quite right?
Layout is one of the visual aspects of writing that can be incorporated into the services of either Desk Top Publishing or Formatting. Alternatively, it can be done on its own if the other aspects have already been dealt with.

Once again, anything that has to be presented in writing needs the appropriate layout to create the required impact.

If the final product has to generate a measurable result whether it is a report, a PowerPoint presentation or a website, appropriate visual styling is required.


Are you srue you can see all yuor own mistakes? Of cource I can!!
Often when you check your own work for spelling and punctuation errors, you see what should be there rather than what is actually written on the page!

These inaccuracies detract from the value you bring through your written words. Trust is easily established by exhibiting keen attention to detail in this area; fresh eyes pick up mistakes more easily and quickly than those that are familiar with the text.

Website Review

Ensure your window to the world draws in your readers!
This window to the world is where you can make a real impression!

Get the maximum benefit by having your site professionally reviewed for spelling, grammar and impact!

Texts we can assist you with include:
A rticles
E ssays
M anuscripts
N ewsletters
P amphlets
P oetry
P owerPoint presentations
R eports
S hort stories
W ebsite content
In short, any text you have written or created!

Format of documents we can edit:

E diting and Proofreading:
MS Office 2003 or earlier, or plain text.

F ormatting and L ayout:
MS Office 2003 or earlier.

Keywords: Desk Top Publishing, Publishing, Writing

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Website Review

If, however, your site is updated frequently you could have an initial review and then for a nominal monthly fee all new pages will be checked regularly once a month on a specific day, so the job gets done without you having to worry about it. To avoid double handling of information, we suggest you send the new content to us to be proofread and edited before it is uploaded to your site.