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Services at Prolyze

Prolyze provides professional process engineering services in the following areas:

Prolyze can also assist in a number of specialist technical areas, including collection of statistical data and general process troubleshooting.  Should you have any specialist need, please enquire.  We will be happy to provide any service that falls within our areas of expertise or to point you in the right direction otherwise.


Prolyze generates capital and operating cost estimates at various levels of detail depending on your objectives and needs and the stage and nature of your project.

Process Screening

A process screening study provides a brief assessment identifying all processes that could technically meet your requirements.  The deliverable is a reasoned shortlist of options for more detailed evaluation.  It is ideal where the aim is to identify all realistic options while excluding those that will not meet the technical and environmental criteria.  These assessments will usually also rule out some processes on economic grounds.

Options Evaluation

The usual next step in project development is to analyse the shortlist of processes.  The best option, if it meets economic and other criteria, will be taken forward to conceptual design.  An options study features

  • Technical comparison of inputs (materials and utilities) and outputs (product yield and quality, waste streams)
  • Economic comparison using capital and operating estimates
  • Risks and assumptions.

The basis of comparison is commonly NPV or IRR, but you may prefer to specify a different basis.  Some clients prefer to take the capital and operating estimates directly from the study for internal evaluation.

The primary objective of this type of study is to identify the best process.  The accuracy of the cost estimates is typically ±25%, which is generally adequate for this purpose.  For venture projects it is additionally necessary to assess the viability of the winner in order to decide whether to proceed to conceptual design.  For this reason costs on economically-driven projects need a narrower confidence interval.  Prolyze studies for such projects include a calculated range which will influence the recommended contingency provision.

Conceptual Design

A conceptual design is a comprehensive deliverable based on the selected process and a particular site.  It includes

  • Equipment specifications
  • Tentative plant layout
  • Estimate of construction cost within 15% of actual cost
  • Close estimate of operating cost.

Compilation of a conceptual design is a multidisciplinary operation requiring as a minimum electrical, civil and structural input.  Geotechnical and survey work are commonly also involved.  These are outside the Prolyze scope of practice and when this stage of a project is reached, Prolyze will work with appropriate partners to deliver these aspects.

Prolyze can produce all of the process design documentation required for renewals, expansions and greenfield process projects, including

  • Process Flow Diagrams and Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Equipment specifications
  • Specifications for pumps, piping, valves and instrumentation
  • Technical evaluation for procurement
  • Functional Descriptions
  • Operating Manuals

These can be produced to your specifications, using either your templates or standard specifications.  Alternatively Prolyze can select formats.  All documents are produced to high standards in terms of

  • Logical layout in drawings
  • Logical sequence in documents, cross-referenced where appropriate
  • Clear and concise language
  • Professional standards of English.

Should you decide to proceed to construction, Prolyze can also assist with the tender process.  Documents that Prolyze can prepare include

  • Tender document
  • Engineer’s Estimate
  • Tender adjudication tools
  • Tender process report

Contracts may be drawn up according to any of the standard protocols.  NZS3910 is typical for construction contracts but AS/NZS4910/4911 or others may be selected depending on the scope of each contract.  Prolyze will use your templates if available or provide an alternative professional format.

Prolyze can contribute effectively to the successful development of new processes in a number of areas:

  • Identifying the best technologies for unit operations within the process
  • Pilot and demonstration plant design
  • Development of experimental programs for laboratory or pilot-scale work, including
    • Scope and objectives
    • Facilities and manpower requirements
    • Communications
    • Data logging template
    • Timing and cost
  • Organising procurement and assembly of appropriate equipment
  • Liaison with laboratory or pilot plant operators during experimental work.
  • Compilation and analysis of results

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