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By: Project Intelligence  06-Dec-2011
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Most projects start with only a general sense of what is going to be accomplished. This can lead to the project getting out of control before anyone realises what is happening.

Planning a project is the most vital step in any project. A good project plan will dramatically increase the likelihood that the project will succeed.

As a rule of thumb, 20% to 30% of a project's time should be spent on planning.

Planning is a team effort, and every plan should be custom designed for your business requirements.

We will work closely with you and your team to achieve the best possible plan for your project.

Projects are like a train. They start off slowly, but once started they can quickly pick up momentum. If you aren't looking ahead for trouble on the tracks your project can get derailed.

Your business is not static, and neither should your plans be.

All plans will have to change and adapt throughout the lifetime of the projects, to cope with changing conditions.

With staff juggling day-to-day work and other duties, project monitoring can become low priority.

An external pair of eyes can often see things more clearly.

We can monitor your projects closely for you, tracking changes and potential derailments before they become a problem.

We can keep management informed every step of the way, elimating unwanted surprises at the end.

Are you confident that your project will actually deliver what you or your client originally intended?

Without dedicated project management it is very easy to under- or over-deliver, both of which can be detrimental to your future business.

You also want to capture the learning for the next project: what worked, what didn't work; strengthening business processes as a result.

Successful delivery means the project is on time, at the right level of quality, and is fit for the purpose it was intended for.

We can ensure that all parties have a clear, unambiguous understanding of what is being delivered, and when it will be delivered.

We can also help capture learning by providing a comprehensive project debrief.

Before you can start a project, you may need to analyse your current business.

Accurate information gathering is important to the success of any project.

Gathering this information from all parts of your business can be time consuming and difficult.

Existing staff workloads and even internal politics can conspire to prevent the capture of useful information.

Different groups and disciplines often have their own viewpoints and jargon, making it hard to integrate information meaningfully.

Matters can be further complicated when external vendors and suppliers are involved: are you getting a Rolls Royce, when what you really wanted is a Toyota Corolla?

We can gather and interpret information from different disciplines within your business and turn it into plain language, providing a clear, accurate and impartial view of your business.

Any project can benefit from a review by an external pair of eyes.

Or you might simply want additional information on the project's status without inhibiting progress or impacting on your staff workloads.

We can review your project against a standard project management methodology and produce a comprehensive report outlining the project's strengths, weaknesses and any potential problem areas.

When a project is failing it can consume funds, time and resources.

Staff can quickly become demoralised, and your business reputation can be damaged.

However, if caught early enough, recovery is possible.

We will provide a complete assessment of the current state of your project and make recomendations on how and whether it should be recovered.

We also offer complete project recovery service from re-planning through to success delivery.

Keywords: Project Management