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By: Professional Financial Group  06-Dec-2011

We can alter your loans to suit your changing needs and provide you with more opportunities to meet your goals. Don't wait until you loan is due for rollover. See us now as you may be throwing money away in the meantime.

Property Investment
We look at the long-term benefits of creating personal wealth using other people's money. We favour positive cashflow - NOT negative gearing (except in some specific circumstances). As property investors ourselves we are always looking at the current opportunities in the market. Ie, if you have strong personal income and can afford to contribute without relying on tax refunds to prop up the investment.

Business Consultancy
We provide business consultancy to look at the funding of your business for growth, and a security structure that you are comfortable with. Cashflow is a key ingredient for your business, and we will assist you grow the business through the acquisition of funding using the banks money.

First Home Buyers
Often first home buyers are looking to maximize the amount they can borrow, and typically have lower deposits than the banks would like! Fortunately we have a number of products that suit the first home buyer. For many valuations, credit checks and inspection reports can be new- our Advisers are trained to guide you through the process and assist with the paperwork and the running around!

Self Employed
For many self employed people their business is as much about lifestyle as it is about achieving financial goals. For this reason their incomes only tell part of the story and the process of producing up to date Financial Statements is often onerous and expensive. Your Adviser has a number of Low- Doc products which means you can get the loan you need, without the drama.

Credit Impaired
For those with a blemish on their credit report the mortgage process can be a nightmare. Again your Adviser has a number of products that can take the pain away and get you the loan that you need so you can get off the rental treadmill and get back into the housing market.

100% Finance
We have access to many lenders who are happy to provide up to 102% of the purchase price of your first property.

Working Capital
We can get access to funding for small, medium and large businesses to assist you with all types of business finance requirements. We have extensive networks and therefore ability to obtain business finance at competitive rates which you may have thought impossible with your current bank.

We can look after your life, general, vehicle insurance. We have relationships with all the major insurers and will find the right policy for you.

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