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By: Professional Coolant Services  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Maintenance Service, Cooling Systems, Cooling System

The FL100 PulseFlush is proven technology in cooling system power flush and purge service. Currently operating in heavy machinery, heavy transport, Military (Army), power generation (KBR, Halliburton), boating/marine and automotive industries.

The FL100 PulseFlush machine is the best tool available to carry out the cooling system flush service.

For Restorative Maintenance Service

The machine's unique power pulsating hydro-pneumatic action also cleans and unblocks engine cooling systems and radiators that may already be contaminated.

Undetectable contamination causes poor performance, cracked heads and blocks, burnt valves, blown head gaskets, blocked radiators, premature component wear, over heating and total engine failure.

Glycol-gel and other contaminants form in engine cooling systems coating computer sensors causing false readings that detunes the engine resulting in poor performance, poor fuel economy and over toxic exhaust emissions.

Contaminants must be thoroughly power flushed and purged out.

Keywords: Cooling System, Cooling Systems, Maintenance Service

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