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By: Pretty Pretty Pretty  06-Dec-2011

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Shall we gloss over the part where I failed to write a single post all through January? Okay, great, ‘cos I have some super important stuff to talk about this week. Like moisturisers and shoes. And biscuits! OMGZ!

For my birthday last year I treated myself to some very fancy French face cream. It was tres lovely but also totally expensive. However, it seemed worth it because it made my skin look and feel like angels had been kissing me all over my face. I was into it.

It also lasted AGES and so you can imagine my horror when I was in Auckland two weeks ago and ran out of my angel cream. Times were desperate, ladies. I needed angel skin in order to make an effective impression on the people I was working with! So, in the hope that the power of my face cream would last through a day or two of different, cheaper, more readily available face cream, I went to Farmers.

There were approximately 50 million different moisturisers that were aimed at me. What to choose? In the end, I followed my heart and chose a moisturiser by Natio (I am a HUGE Natio fan. Buy the handcream in the green tube and thank me later).

It’s now two weeks later, and my skin still looks like angels have been kissing it. This is what I bought:

The much cheaper Angel Cream

It cost less than $30. I also have the eye cream and moisturising face mask which are also both superb. My skin is hydrated and plump, I haven’t had a single break out, and it smells really nice. The packaging says it is a good base for make up and this is completely true – all of my make up has been going on smooth and delicious. I work in air-conditioning and am prone to dry patches – not with this stuff! I really cannot rave about it enough! It might not be an anti-aging as my fancy face cream, but I think we’ll just go with aging gracefully and call this one a win.

And now for shoes. I went to Sydney a coupla weeks ago (yes, I am soooooo jet-set) and bought some shoes. They’re super pretty, and I have been wearing them lots, but what I have realised is this – winter is nearly here in W-town. How much longer can I realisitically wear my tan platform sandals for? By April I’ll be in my heavy coat and boots again. So, I need some boots for winter that will fill the space in my heart that is currently filled with tan sandals.

There are two contenders (and by “two contenders”, assume I will buy either these boots or something similar but much, much cheaper, not that I will only buy one or the other):

  1. The AWESOME short boots I saw at Shoe Connection. I believe they’re from the Jeffrey Campbell line and they’re a different colour on the front and the back. This is a terrible description. If I can sneak a photo I will edit the post, but what I love about them is the quirkiness, the heel height, and the texture. Delish.
  2. The red knee-high boots I saw at Briarwood with the leaf pattern stamped into them. I lust for them (why aren’t the pictures on the damn website?) but they are $600, which I accept is ridiculous unless these boots are guaranteed to last me the next ten years and snag me a pony. I should probably avoid trying these on and instead buy plain black boots which will be suitable for a larger number of occasions.

Does anyone else have dreamy shoes they’re eyeing up at the moment? I promise I won’t buy them (there’s no room for any more shoes at my casa – except winter boots).

And finally, we come to biscuits. But not just any biscuits, no no no. Remember my introduction photo? Yeah, that was me chilling in Paris. Well, while in Paris I also went to Laduree, home of the most delicious food I have ever eaten. I had macaroons. They were so good that I felt bad for eating them.

When I came back to Wellington, I missed those macaroons a lot. I imagined myself in Paris, stripy tops and berets as far as the eye could see, scoffing Laduree macaroons every day (in my dream this was not unhealthy) (also, I suited berets which is not the case in real life). Imagine sad violin music and a montage of me eating other biscuits and either looking mournful or throwing the biscuit into a corner and then sobbing hysterically into my hands – that was my life without macaroons.

WELL, fear not for my mental health, because guess what? Moore Wilsons has macaroons! Not from France, vous comprenez, but from Wellington. I assume that at least one of the people making them is French because her name is Helene with acutes and graves over every “e”. I can’t do that kind of fancy typing on WordPress. Sorry.

Look at the box. That's a real wax seal right there.

They are super delicious. My favourites are the raspberry and the lemon, but you can also get vanilla or chocolate, or a mixed box:

This just makes me want to go and buy a box right now..

They’re less than $10 for a box. So if you’re feeling sad and lonely, there’s a service I can render…that is, a recommendation to get down to Moore Wilson’s. For macaroons.

That is all. Tell me about your shoe dreams/best ever cheap cosmetics/favourite treats so I can try them all!

(For future reference in the event I go missing, please refer to these super-fly blogs to tide you over:

  • http://www.theglamourai.com/
  • http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/
  • http://www.saucyglossie.com/
  • http://www.leblogdebetty.com/en/

And for some giggles such as I do not usually provide anyway:

  • http://thebloggess.com/
  • http://www.2birds1blog.com/ (although they are currently away writing their book).

Don’t hate me for being busy!)

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