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By: Pretty Pretty Pretty  06-Dec-2011

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We’re having a beautiful autumn, and I don’t want to take away from that. But let’s be real – winter is just around the corner. I’ve moved all my open toe shoes to the back racks of my wardrobe and moved my closed toe shoes to the front, I’ve polished my boots, and I’ve bought some sweaters. It’s a little bit of a bummer for me, because the entire middle part of the year makes me S.A.D. I love sun. I love beaches. I love the summery food and the long hours of sunshine.

However, winter can be cool too, just in a different way (I feel like I’m explaining an affair as I write this). While reviewing my shoe collection to put together a gratuitous shoe post for Julie, I realised that while my bright orange sandals with the stacked heel are the bomb, so are my purple suede “shoeties” with the ruffle on the front. So I decided to celebrate (and catalogue) “My Winter Faves: 2011″.


Oh, believe. I used to struggle to find boots to fit around my legs but apparently sitting in an office for 8 hours a day has bulked out my calves, and now I have a much wider range to choose from. My favourites are:

Which I appreciate don’t come up to my calves and so don’t illustrate my point. However, these boots are my fun new friend, and I enjoy people doing a double-take when they realise they’re different in the front and the back. One problem: the front is suede. So let’s hope for a dry winter.


They’ve saved many a dull outfit before, and they keep my neck nice and toasty (since my hair stops at the nape of my neck. Didn’t think that haircut through, really). Plus, you can find scarves for relatively little cost so they can let you get a bit more creative without breaking your bank manager’s heart. I’m told that faux fur scarves and collars will be big this year so it might be a good time to get thrifting.

Winter cosmetics

Coral, we’ve had a good time. Sometimes you and Bronzer would get together and make a symphony of sun-kissed goodness on my face. But my tan is already fading, and so it’s time to say au revoir. It’s time for my old friends, burgundy and wine, to make an appearance. Starting with this pretty lipstick:

Corporate Femme (matte) by ChiChi. The packaging is horrendous, I grant you. I find little diamantes in my purse after using this and I’m kinda ashamed to bring it out in public due to the high level of cheap blinginess that’s going on. However, it’s the right colour for winter and the matte effect makes it even more fun. I feel like I should wear suits with huge shoulder pads when I wear this – and that’s exactly the attitude I need to get me out of the house on a cold and windy day.

Skirts that are inappropriate without tights

In summer, I like to keep my skirts at approximately knee length (for work – weekends are another kettle of fish). As we all know, as soon as you sit down in a fitted skirt, it wants to ride up your leg. This is not okay when you’ve got naked leg on display. However, in winter I wear tights that are at least 100 denier, and so I also wear skirts that are slightly shorter. Dunno why, but it feels less inappropriate to wear a skirt an inch or so above the knee when you’re wearing black tights.

My favourite “slightly too short but totally adorable” skirt is this one:

A bronze-coloured miniskirt in PVC from H&M. It is, unfortunately, a little too big around the waist because I wanted it to be a leetle teensy bit longer than my actual size was (which was more like a belt). However, in winter I wear a cardi with it, which disguises the waist issue, and with black tights and black high-heeled boots, it is the perfect party-dinner skirt. It’s totally the wrong colour and weight for summer, so this is one item I can’t wait for come May.

So really, although I’ll be sad to say goodbye to sleeveless tops, al fresco ice cream, my orange sandals and my retro sunglasses, there’s still plenty to embrace. And of course: a new season means new clothes in the shops and, if you’re so inclined, shopping trips with the girls fuelled by hot chocolates and cheese scones!

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