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By: Pretty Pretty Pretty  06-Dec-2011

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Look, I had my legs out today and I didn’t need a jacket. That’s summer around these parts, so I am going to write this post and knock on wood, because if I don’t get to start wearing my nice summer shoes and dresses soon then I may cry.

The great thing about winter is being able to hide under layers of clothing and blame the wind and lack of sunlight for your pallid girl-from-Twilight complexion.  But those days are over, and now you may want to defoliate, exfoliate, and paint those toesies a pretty colour. If not, then you are going to have way more time than me this summer to make cocktails and organise pool parties. I salute you.

If however, like me, you wish to have a (fake) tan and just generally have an excuse to buy fun new things from our friends at Farmers, please read on.

Summer = tan. But tan = early death. So the first product in my summer arsenal is always fake tan.  I’ve used Piz Buin a lot, since my Mum used to use it and introduced me to it, but since the arrival of gradual tans things have gotten a lot more convenient. So much so that I don’t think I would trust myself to do a proper fake tan job now.  I’m currently using:

In summer I also want to look well-rested and “glowy”.  Get ready for my number one product of all time (and not just summer, all year round) – I recommend this product 100%. It is:

This is the Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi concealer. It is wonderful. It brightens, it doesn’t crease, and it’s basically the best concealer I have ever used. It makes me look awake even when I’ve had five hours of sleep.

For additional glowy-ness, I recommend a good highlighter. This product is ridiculous, I know. But trust when I say that it does make a difference for night-time “yes, I look naturally fabulous” makeup. The one I love is discontinued (dang it, Natio) but for overall glowy-making goodness, I hear Mac’s Strobe Cream is good.  Someone try it and tell me whether I should buy it.

This summer has a very distinct beauty trend, which I plan to embrace whole-heartedly, even though I think beauty trends are dumb. Get the chapstick out girls and drink plenty of water because it’s time for a bright coloured lipstick.  My personal summer selection is:

Revlon's Love that Red

Rimmel Funtime Fuschia

Chi Chi Lah de Dah

Yup. Red, hot pink, and a lipstick that is bright orange regardless of the outrageously poor photo quality above.

We gotta look after the tresses and with my curly mop this is particularly important.  I already use Kerastase’s Ultime product which I highly recommend. It smells amazing and it is the reason I haven’t had a cut in 6 months and don’t have any split ends. Hooray! Summer is a great time to start using a good quality conditioning product as your hair gets pretty dry from the sun and salt water combo.  V05 oil treatments are really good too, and are super cheap times which is cool if you have masses of hair.

Finally, don’t forget the sunblock on your face AND your decolletage at a minimum, and break out the waterproof mascara because you never know when an impromptu after-work swim will happen. Have a FAB time this summer and remember that having fun and enjoying all the good stuff out there is what will really enhance how gorge you are!

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It is like some kind of hippie magic, which I love, because sometimes you decide that tomorrow you want to wear bright red lipstick but you know that your lips are waaaay too chapped for that action – enter Lucas (who is Lucas. This will come as a surprise to all who know and love me, because I swore off all Lindauer products after a wee incident in my first year at University involving tequila and a bottle of Lindauer.


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I find it’s the perfect lipstick to wear to job interviews, because it’s obvious that you’re actually wearing lipstick so you’ve made an effort, but, like the name says, it looks really natural. A woman consumes an average of nearly two kilograms of lipstick during her lifetime through drinking, eating and kissing – so keep lipstick natural. They do not contain any mineral oils, animal based material, parabens or preservatives.


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One of New Zealand’s most iconic household brands, Sunlight, has turned pink and joined the fight against breast cancer with the release of its new limited edition Pink Grapefruit Dishwashing Liquid. Pull on your rubber gloves, pink your sink by purchasing limited edition Sunlight Pink Grapefruit Dishwashing Liquid today and support the NZBCF.


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So, in the hope that the power of my face cream would last through a day or two of different, cheaper, more readily available face cream, I went to Farmers. They’re super pretty, and I have been wearing them lots, but what I have realised is this – winter is nearly here in W-town. It also lasted AGES and so you can imagine my horror when I was in Auckland two weeks ago and ran out of my angel cream.


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I feel like I should wear suits with huge shoulder pads when I wear this – and that’s exactly the attitude I need to get me out of the house on a cold and windy day. I’ve moved all my open toe shoes to the back racks of my wardrobe and moved my closed toe shoes to the front, I’ve polished my boots, and I’ve bought some sweaters.