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Healthcare, today, is a lot more than just pills and prescriptions. With emerging-as-we-talk discoveries in the field of medicine and science, new vaccines being developed, diseases being eradicated and cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing health-care like never before, diagnosis is no more just a casual visit to the family doctor. UMAT (The Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) has been designed by ACER to select students who look forward to new medical challenges. Interestingly, UMAT does not test your knowledge of science subjects at all! Instead the questions specifically test your analytical and people skills.

Section I: This section contains passage based MCQs testing your comprehension and reasoning skills. The passages deal with a wide variety of topics: anything from a survey conducted upon politicians to a report on acupuncture. It is essential to read fast and understand the passage in depth to answer the MCQs correctly.

Section II: This section has excerpts dealing with human interactions. Why do people react the way they do? This UMAT section will test your understanding of how people react in a particular real life scenario.

Section III: This section may seem to be particularly tricky for some as it deals with non-verbal reasoning. A list of diagrams displaying a series in progression has to be logically analysed and the corresponding letter, figure or shape has to be derived.

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