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By: Prepgenie  05-Apr-2012
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Planning is prioritizing your study phase for GAMSAT. When you plan you know what needs to be done rightly during the preparatory phase. In this regard, you avoid the hassle of creating mess and do things which are meaningful and correct. So, learn to plan for the test and see how it would bring a [..]

GAMSAT is about getting admission in Graduate medical courses in Australian medical colleges. Studying medical science, doesn’t contain itself within the periphery of Human Body or Biology (in a greater sense), but it expands to the domains of Chemistry and Physics as well. GAMSAT too demands strong reasoning abilities in Physics along with other subjects. [..]

One of the most frequent questions asked by GAMSAT aspirants in various forums is about decent books in Biology. Frankly speaking, there is nothing like good or bad books in Biology. The difference is in the way of presentation and the target reader community. Some books are made-easy for candidates who do not possess basic [..]

In the previous article on “How we lose time during examination- A crucial factor for GAMSAT candidates”, we saw some views on the usual time-wastage activities experienced by almost every candidate during GAMSAT. Generally, we waste about 30 minutes in an examination doing nothing productive. To minimise this time lose, we need to figure out [..]

I often walk down memory lane to the good, old school days. However, the one thing which have always annoyed me is how foolish I was to waste crucial minutes during school and college examinations. I guess every grown up man has faced the same feeling when he/ she thinks about them. Actually, in GAMSAT [..]

Keywords: Gamsat

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Articles | GAMSAT Test Preparation

GAMSAT is an international medical test primarily designed to assess problem solving and critical thinking ability of the aspirants. This perhaps means that success in GAMSAT is best assured with the help of GAMSAT sample questions designed by PrepGenie. An excellent control of English and correct use of vocabulary are two prerequisites of an efficient teacher.