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By: Prepgenie  05-Apr-2012
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If GAMSAT is your destination then PrepGenie is the road to it! PrepGenie aims to help you in all possible ways to reach the university of your dreams. This perhaps means that success in GAMSAT is best assured with the help of GAMSAT sample questions designed by PrepGenie. PrepGenie offers you a set of GAMSAT [..]

GAMSAT MCQs…Ever thought about what goes into making them? How does an MCQ with four choices including the right one, manage to test all of your know-how, comprehension and application skills and make sure you’re ready for a serious career in medicine? Solving GAMSAT MCQs is not easy and framing one is equally tough! GAMSAT [..]

Did you ever think what importance an arts degree holds when you decide to become a teacher? An excellent control of English and correct use of vocabulary are two prerequisites of an efficient teacher. A teacher communicating at a certain comfort level undoubtedly influences the students. For now you must be aware that one of [..]

Competitive exams definitely have an extra edge which makes them so very challenging. After all, it has been specifically designed to test your intellect and choose the bast among the lot. Well, if you plan to sit for GAMSAT this time, you will have to perform to the best of your capability. You can’t do [..]

GAMSAT is an international medical test primarily designed to assess problem solving and critical thinking ability of the aspirants. Now, pertaining to the above statement, one can always raise questions doubting the logical line on which the above idea has been based. One can always question—How is mental ability related to medical studies?…What help does [..]

Keywords: Gamsat

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In the previous article on “How we lose time during examination- A crucial factor for GAMSAT candidates”, we saw some views on the usual time-wastage activities experienced by almost every candidate during GAMSAT. Studying medical science, doesn’t contain itself within the periphery of Human Body or Biology, but it expands to the domains of Chemistry and Physics as well.