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By: Powertec  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Fixed Wireless Terminals, Wireless Terminals

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Remote Voice

Ericsson’s Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWTs) connect to a standard landline telephone via a RJ11 socket. Thanks to the FWT’s Enhanced Rate Speech Codec, call quality is identical to a fixed line telephone call so neither party will be able to recognise that the call is being transmitted over the mobile network.


  • Temporary Telephone Lines
  • Construction Site
  • Lift
  • Emergency Telephone
  • Backup Telephone Lines
  • Payphones
  • Cruise Ship
  • Limousine

Remote Fax

Ericsson’s FWTs can be used for fax applications by connecting a fax machine to the unit via the standard RJ11 telephone socket located on the unit.

To use this feature, the FWT’s SIM card will first need to be activated for faxing by the Mobile Network Carrier, and then the customer will be supplied with a mobile number that supports both voice and a fax communication.


  • Construction Sites
  • Emergency Services
  • Mining Sites
  • Offshore Oil Rigs
  • Marine
  • Entertainment – On site locations
  • Temporary Fax Lines
  • Backup Fax

Remote Internet

Users can connect a desk top or notebook computer to a Fixed Wireless Terminal for high speed remote internet access via the cellular network.  

Depending on the model, Ericsson’s range of FWTs will operate over the GSM and 3G mobile phone networks.

Powertec provides a solution for fast and reliable internet access via Telstra's Next G network. Ericsson's W25 is a voice, fax and data solution offering the latest HSDPA technology to transmit data over the 3G network.


  • PC Internet Access
  • Security Alarm Monitoring
  • Telemetry
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Wireless EFTPOS
  • Industrial applications
  • Data Logging
  • Backup Data Lines

Keywords: Fixed Wireless Terminals, Wireless Terminals

Other products and services from Powertec


Marine Communications

Using the mobile network to communicate whilst out on the water is significantly cheaper than using satellite to keep in touch- most of the time it is one fifth of the price of satellite. Marine Voice Ericsson’s Fixed Wireless Terminals are the ideal solution for clear and reliable phone reception via the GSM mobile network whilst on board any marine vessel.


Mobile Signal Enhancement

Outdoor cellular repeaters offer a wireless solution to extend the coverage area of a cell tower by amplifying and dispersing a signal to black spots, such as a valley in mountainous terrain. Powertec’s antennas, including laser antennas and yagi antennas, are useful to help Powertec’s repeaters reach their full potential to ensure your mobile phone has the best coverage possible.


Phone Systems

Technology driven and customer focused organization; the company is committed to keeping pace with revolutions in the telecom industry and providing cost effective solutions. Matrix appointed Powertec Telecommunication as their exclusive distributor in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Matrix is a leading manufacturer of VoIP, GSM, PABX and Key Phone Systems.


Call Cost Reduction

Powertec has a range of products to help everyone save on costs, whether it is someone working from their home office, or a large corporation with a high volume of traffic through their phone system. With over ten years experience of providing Call Cost Reduction Solutions (also known as Least Cost Routing), Powertec sits comfortably as a leader in the Call Cost Reduction field.