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By: Power Designers USA  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Battery, Data Logging, Igbt Technology

The PowerCycle line of battery cyclers and conditioners incorporates many advanced features including:

Solid State IGBT Technology

The discharge unit incorporates state-of-art IGBT switching technology yielding:

  • Constant and Controlled Discharge Rates of up to 250A (can be paralleled for higher amp units)
  • Wide Battery Voltage Operation: 12V-96V

Fully Programmable Discharge Cycles
The advanced controls allow users to program various discharge settings including:

  • Discharge rate: 1 A increments
  • Elapsed Time: 1 minute increments
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: 10mV/Cell increments
  • % Depth of Discharge: 1% increments down to 100%

Optional programming features include:

  • Variable Load Profiles
  • Pulse Load Operation

Automated Cycling & Conditioning
When one ore more standard charger drawers are added, full cycling functionality is attained. Full cycles (charge, discharge, and rest) can be fully automated allowing users to run unattended battery tests of desulfation cycles. Programmable cycle parameters include:

  • Number of cycles to run
  • Starting sequence
  • Rest periods after charge or discharge cycles

Advanced User Interfaces
The PowerCycle utilizes the latest software and hardware microprocessor technologies. The unit can be easily programmed using Palm or Pocket PC handheld devices (via the IrDA port) as well as a PC via the serial port using PowerDesigners' custom Palm, Pocket PC, and Windows applications.

Advanced Data Logging Capability

The state-of-art microprocessor design allows for advanced data logging capability including detailed cycle history of up to 200 cycles summarizing cycle run time, amp-hours, end voltage, and termination condition. In addition, real time data logging capability is provided through the custom Windows application. The real time data logging capability allows for:

  • Saving of Voltage, Current, Temperature, Ahrs data
  • Setting sampling rates down to 1-second
  • Generating reports, graphs, and charts
  • Exporting data to Excel

Keywords: Battery, Data Logging, Igbt Technology

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