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By: Poutama  06-Dec-2011

Poutama helps Maori business identify, investigate and enter export markets. Additionally Poutama also assists with import opportunities and is also looking at opportunities for Maori to invest offshore.

Poutama has been helping businesses to enter offshore markets for some time now and believes that for many businesses, this is the only way they will grow. Technological development and pace also offers the opportunity for even the smallest and most remote businesses to be global players.

As we move towards 2020, Poutama will become increasingly involved in identifying and assessing opportunities in the wider Asia area. While trading ties with Japan and Sth Korea will continue, China and India are well on their way to being economic powerhouses. Other countries in the Asia region such as Malaysia and Vietnam are also experiencing growth. Keep an eye out for Indonesia, with the world's fourth largest population, a growing middle class and it being the closest Asian country to NZ, Indonesia holds enormous potential.

Poutama has contacts and connections in some of these markets that will help with identifying and assessing opportunities.

Poutama's international business services will help you investigate any market in the world where you think there may be a business opportunity.

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Services Overview | Poutama - Servicing Maori business for over 20 years

By working closely and directly with clients our Business Advisers ensure that Poutama is a hands-on, personal organisation that endeavours to tailor its services to match a client's unique business requirements. The Poutama whanau have personal experience of operating businesses and clients will be talking to people who have faced similar issues.


Business Advice | Poutama - Servicing Maori business for over 20 years

Our Business Advisers have worked closely with a vast range of Maori businesses, both new and established, including web designers, primary producers, tourism operators, franchises, exporters, retailers, wholesalers, film and television producers.


Clustering Networking | Poutama - Servicing Maori business for over 20 years

This includes sectors such as Food & Beverage, Film & Television, Information & Communications Technology, Tourism and the Primary sectors. Poutama sees potential for the establishment of clusters and networks in the many and varied business sectors that Maori are involved in. Clustering and Networking is not a foreign concept to Maori its just another way of expressing Wh?naungatanga.