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By: Possum Fur Merino Wool Clothing And Homewares  05-Apr-2012
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Possumdown Qualities and Attributes
For over 100 years the world had not seen a new natural fibre blend until 1991 when Possumdown Knitwear developed a blend of hand selected Possum fur and superfine Merino wool. Since then a whole new industry segment has begun with this fibre blend that is unique to New Zealand.

True to the original process Possumdown yarn is made from carefully hand selected Possum fur for quality and length which means that the structure and attributes of the fur remain intact.

Possumdown yarn is made from two of nature's finest fibres.. Possum fur and superfine New Zealand Merino wool. The unique property of Possum fur is that each fibre is hollow. This gives excellent insulation qualities ensuring that Possumdown garments are lighter compared to most other heavier knitted items.

As well as incredible softness and warmth Possumdown yarn is strong and durable. Possum fur is 16 to 17 micron (very fine) and when blended with fine Merino wool ensures a luxurious and soft handle to the fabric. Rigorous tests have proven that Possumdown wears better than most Cashmere and Merino wool clothing and has superior anti-pilling qualities.

Through our long term relationship and discerning selection of supply partners we manage the entire process so you can have total confidence the garments you purchase come through a reputable supply chain.

Each night the 70-90 million Possums in New Zealand eat their way through 22000 tones of native forest. Your purchase of a Possumdown garment means that you have not only acquired a truly unique garment but also contributed to the preservation of our native forests.

Hand selected Possum Fur to ensure Longevity and Softness..

Keep Warm with Nature's Best Insulation..

You will get Years of Life from your Possumdown Garment..

Complete Quality Control from Forest to Store..

Helping save New Zealand's Native Forests..

Keywords: Merino Wool, Merino Wool Clothing, Possum Fur, Wool Clothing

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