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Windows-based POS Software - Your Point of Sale Partner: Casio cash registers, Touch screen terminals, Stock control software, Windows based POS software, POS printers and scanners, Till rolls and consumables, Full training and service, Eftpos machines

POS Software

StockManager runs as a back office to TillLink and combines simplicity with effectiveness, making it easy for you to enter information and generate reports. The strong sales analysis and inventory control features of StockManager allow you to analyse trends and performance. You can identify patterns across whole departments, suppliers and groups of products without having to look at pages and pages of data.

Almost every report type within StockManager provides flexible options for filtering, sorting and presenting data. This flexibility means there are hundereds of different reports you can run, giving greater power to identify and present exactly the information your business needs.

StockManager allows retailers to record their suppliers, stock cards, sale items and transactions. Based on this information many different types of report can then be produced, for example:

  • price lists
  • recipe or ingredient master report
  • reorder report
  • stock valuation report
  • purchase analysis report
  • stock audit report
  • stock summary report
  • product sales analysis
  • monthly sales report
  • best and worst sales report
  • period sales comparison
  • sales summary report

POS Software

The Point-3 POS (Point of Sale) is a program specific any type of Industry.

It is not only a cash register for cash sales but also easily handles sales on account or layby’s.

Frequent Shopper facilities are included so you can track your customers buying habits and/or reward them for their loyalty. It includes a CLUB system - which is a discount for all sales because they are a member of a group, Frequent Shopper - which provides bonus points for future purchases and a comprehensive history of buying patterns for each of your customers.

Speed of operation and ease of use have been paramount when designing this module more than any other, and it shows. Training is reduced to a minimum and simplicity of use is obvious from the outset.

Comprehensive setup screens allow you to configure the system to your particular requirements and each operator can be given or prevented access to sensitive areas of sale.

For compatibility it has been designed to operate on a range of Touch Screens and POS Terminals.

This module will operate on its own for sales and layby but by adding Point-3 you can have comprehensive Debtors Creditors and Stock control.

POS Software

Ideal POS System - Touch Screen POS Software designed specifically for cafes, bars, restaurants and food outlets, allowing you to operate more efficiently and increase both customer service and business profits.

Fully integrated and modular in design, Ideal POS System is suitable for a wide range of hospitality operations - from the single terminal, multi-terminal and multi-site configurations. It provides full Point of Sale and Back Office functionality. Together with detailed reporting and analysis features these will allow you to effectively manage and control all your business activities.

You will be able to serve customers faster and process orders from any terminal, including wireless handhelds. Ideal POS System is capable of tracking an unlimited number of different products; identify your best or worst sellers and profitable/non-profitable items. You will be able to control stock levels, automate re-order levels and update your selling prices without bringing the POS terminals offline.

Hardware independent, Ideal POS System will operate on Windows 2000 or XP and interfaces to an extensive range of peripherals including kitchen printers, kitchen monitors, wireless handhelds, proximity clerk wristbands and eftpos. This allows you to choose the most suitable combination of hardware to suit your environment. Whether you are a cafe, bar restaurant or food outlet, Ideal POS System will help you to improve customer service, control prices, margins and improve overall company performance.

Hospitality Features

Graphical Table Layout

An unlimited number of table layouts can be stored in the database and loaded on the day it’s required. Up to 10 Graphical Table Layouts can be in use across your network, allowing different areas to operate on their own Table Map.

Table Transfers

You can easily transfer specific items on one table to another table, or transfer the entire table to another table if your guests decide to move.

Bill Splitting

Manage bill splitting seamlessly with the operator choosing to select specific items for separate payment. Bills can also be split by seat numbers, or by evenly dividing the bill among your guests.

IPS Table Server

Centralized Table Management protects tables from being accessed while in use and ensures consistent data between POS Terminals. The system can be changed to peer-to-peer mode without loss of data if connection to the server is lost during service.

IPS Printer Server

Kitchen Printers and managed by IPS Printer Server for notification of failed print jobs due to printer errors or network connection issues.

Recipe Costing

Calculate the cost of food and beverage items by entering purchases and creating recipes to update cost prices automatically.


Enter booking directly into the IPS database to keep track of customer's and reserve tables on the table map.

Employee Log

Employee hours are recorded to compare sales to your labour costs. The employee log can be edited from the back office to change any hours recorded or if staff forget to log out.

Clerk Security

Set permissions by Clerk for specific types of functions including voids, refunds, discount, price over-rides and more. POS transactions are recorded for each Clerk in the Electronic Journal and Activity Log.

Item Alert Levels

The operator will be alerted when entering an order if an item is sold out. For food items, you can enter the quantity for each meal before the start of service, and stock controlled items (including liquor) can have alert levels based on the current stock level.

Ideal Handheld

Orders can be taken using a wireless PDA device with items printing to their respective bar and kitchen printers.

Stock Control

Multi-Location Stock Control with data being sent in ‘Real-Time’. You can do a partial stock-take and only count specific items, and/or stock-take one location at a time.

Waste Mode

You can enter a stock write-off directly from the POS screen and assign it to a write-off category using the Waste Mode feature.

Automatic Happy Hour

Change specific items to sell at the Happy Hour price. You can set multiple Happy Hour schedules to provide flexibility in choosing which terminals use Happy Hour and which ones do not.

Bar Tabs

A customer simply swaps their credit card for a Bar Tab card, and presents this each time they come to the bar. When they are ready to pay, the Bar Tab is paid off using their credit card or transferred to a table or Customer Account. You can also nominate a credit limit to prevent them from over spending.

Customer Accounts

Ideal POS System Complete Debtors System is fully integrated with the POS Screen. You can start an ordinary cash sale and save the sale to a Customer. Customers can be assigned to a set price level or percentage discount amount.

Customer Loyalty

You can reward customers by offering points for particular items or on the total dollar value of the sale. Customers can redeem the points for items offered on promotion or used towards paying for their next transaction.

MYOB Accounting Interface

Send reconciled banking totals and supplier purchase data seamlessly to MYOB Accounting Software via a direct ODBC Database Connection. General Ledger accounts in MYOB are linked to Sale & Purchase Categories in Ideal POS System, along with other POS Functions.

EFTPOS Integration

EFTPOS terminals can be interfaced directly to Ideal POS System to eliminate operator mistakes and improve speed of service. Using PC EFTPOS software with Ingenico hardware, you can connect a single terminal or multi-terminals on a network all sharing the one modem.

DVR Security Interface

Send sales data 'Live' to Digital Video Recording equipment to match image data with POS transactions.

Centralized SQL

As standard, Ideal POS System runs in Peer-to-Peer mode using locally stored MS Access Secured Databases. For larger sites, we recommend the IPS SQL Server Centralized Database. Each POS Terminal still has its own local MS Access database; however all data is stored centrally allowing storage of more data and less network traffic.

POS Software

Fast food or very fast food?

If delivering the right food, to the right table in time, every time is important H&L’s touch screen technology will exceed your expectations.

Exceed is as fast, as it is accurate and you don’t need a degree to use it

  • Allows multiple orders and individual payments to be consolidated into one order for the kitchen
  • Delivers super-fast control, superior accuracy and wage cost savings
  • Full table tracking lets you bill and take payments from individual diners
  • Super tough touch screen, water resistant, scratch-proof and fade-proof.

For ultimate control over floor to kitchen communications.

Exceed software features

  • Floor plan.
  • Waiters float.
  • Split bills.
  • Table tracking.
  • User security.
  • Fast key group searches.
  • Available portions.
  • Recipe methods.
  • Ability to run on or off-line.
  • Integrated EFTPOS.
  • Member tracking.
  • Linked bookings book.
  • Integrates to multiple H&L
  • Point Of Sale options including Versaterm and Sinch.
  • Exceed operates on standard windows platform including W.E.P.O.S.
  • Written and developed specifically for the hospitality industry.
  • Multiple price levels.
  • Multiple keyboards.
  • Item selection prompting.
  • Restaurant style service.
  • Bistro style service.
  • Free text to kitchen.
  • Multiple kitchen printer locations with a variety of options.
  • User definable keyboard colours, font sizes etc.
  • Extra promotional screens can be added.
  • Wireless network communication available.
  • Tracks wastage.

POS Software

  • Full Stock Control
  • Single or Multi-Location Scanning
  • Product and Shelf Label Printing
  • Portable Data Entry (PDE) Stocktake link
  • Supplier Purchasing and Ordering
  • Mix and Match Discounting (i.e 3 for 2 Buy 1 get 1 free)
  • Detailed sales analysis
  • Graphical reports
  • Multi Terminal Connectivity
  • Electronic Sales Reviewing
  • Mail Merge Utility for Marketing
  • Real time reporting
  • Staff time and Attendance
  • Backup Utility
  • Promotional Sales Viewer

Keywords: Eftpos Machines, Point of Sale, Pos Printers, Terminals

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