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By: Pond Lining Systems  06-Dec-2011
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Key Benefits of EPDM


Low to High Temperature Environments

EPDM can be used from -45° C up to +130° C

Toughness & Conformability

EPDM 1.14mm thickness has a working strain of over 300% and conforms readily to placement overburden materials and installation over rough subgrades without puncture.

HPDE, on the other hand, has a usable working strain to only 15% due to the yield point in the HPDE sheet. The relative stiffness of the HPDE does not allow it to conform to substrate surfaces and in fact actually "bridges" rough areas.

High Elongation

400% therefore conforms better to uneven subgrade than other stiffer lines and is also more resistant to puncturing (this is increased between 400 to 700% when a geotextile underliner is used in conjunction with the EPDM liner).

Excellent UV Resistance

Unsurpassed 20 year warranty, although it has a life expectancy of over 50 years, it contains no plasticizers therefore will not become brittle and crack with old age like other liners are prone to do.

Low Maintenance

Since its tougher and more resistant to puncturing, it is not as delicate as other liners and therefore requires little or no maintenance. If it does get damaged, it is the easiest part to repair using a simple patch and similar method to that of an inner tube.

Environmentally Friendly

It is inert therefore safe for fish as well as being certified for safe potable (drinking) water as well as ISO. It does not contaminate either during the manufacturing or the installation processes; besides having many recycling possibilities not to mention low weight which facilitates it's transport.

Our Products

The waterproofing of a pond or reservoir is a complex process, with a complete team of professionals and companies taking part. Developing the most suitable waterproofing system for each type of pond requires maximum attention and dedication from all the professionals taking part in the process; the Engineer, the Construction Company, the Specialised Installer and the Client.

We offer durable EPDM pond liners direct from the manufacturer. Our 1.14mm pond liners are plant and fish friendly and are flexible for a variety of temperatures, providing easy installation.


Geomembrane lining materials are manufactured by a various different methods using a variety of resins, processing aids, UV stabilisers, fillers and pigments.

The results should be a sheet material that is cost effective, easy to install and durable.

However, all products are not equal and should be thoroughly investigated before a product is specified for a particular use. Two common geomembrane materials designed for use in exposed applications are EPDM rubber and thermoplastic HPDE.

Why we choose EPDM

EPDM is supplied in large rolls up to 15m in widths that lay flat with little or no wrinkles. The owner or contrator of the patented splice tape seam systems can accomplish seaming easily and quickly.

Pond Venting

Dairy Pond Stirrers and Spreaders

As well as pond lining, after much research we have put together a series of products that we believe are very cost effective for dairy farmers. These include a much safer pond stirrer known as the "pondbuster" which is built to stop harm coming to your pond liners.

Because the stirrer now does a much better job this also helps in the pump out of the effluent back onto your pastures. We even custom design dairy pond management systems for you!

Keywords: Environmentally Friendly, Epdm Pond Liners, Pond, Pond Liners,

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