BioMag® ProMax Albumin Removal Kit

By: Polysciences  06-Dec-2011

Protein Enrichment through Albumin Removal

Fast Results - Remove Albumin from Human Serum Samples in 30 minutes or less

Albumin removal tested and successfully removed from human, mouse, rat, sheep, goat and rabbit serum.

The BioMag® ProMax Albumin Removal Kit is supplied with particles and buffers for carrying out 25 separation reactions.

Figure 1
SDS-PAGE analysis and Western Blot showing enrichment of lower abundance proteins and depletion of albumin.

Panel A
Shows a silver stained SDS-PAGE gel. Lane 1, Molecular Weight Markers; Lane 2, untreated normal human serum; Lane 3, serum treated with ProMax Albumin Removal Particles. Both Lanes 2 and 3 were loaded with the same amount of protein. Panel B
Shows the depletion of albumin by Western Blot.  Lane 1, normal serum;  Lane 2, serum treated with the BioMag® ProMax Albumin Removal Kit;  Lane 3, Molecular Weight Markers.  Mouse anti-albumin was the primary antibody and the signal was visualized using an anti-mouse horseradish peroxidase conjugate and TMB as the chromagen. Both Lanes 1 and 2 were loaded with equal amounts of protein. Lane 2 shows that nearly all of the albumin has been depleted from the sample.

Based on patented BioMag® particle technology

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