By: Pogodi  06-Dec-2011

Content Management System (CMS) Solutions

Content Management Systems are a powerfull tool, if you want to be able to change the content of your website by yourself. We can set up a system that fits your needs, from fast and simple to advanced and very powerful. Don't worry if you can do it, we will school you as needed!

Web Application Development

Web Applications are more than simple Websites. User interaction is the key. I can build Web Applications that suit exactly your needs, all I need is to exactly know your imagination of how YOU want the Application to be.

Online Shop Systems

Internet Sales every year considerably. You can be part of it! We can set you up with an online shop that fits the products you sell. How about online payment using credit cards or paypal? Of course we also make sure, that possible customers find you out there in the wide space of the internet. Whether you would like to start small or go big - we are the partner you were looking for!

Enterprise Solutions / Intranet

Multi user systems enable your staff to work together on one task even if not working from one spot. We can analyse your business processes with you and design a system to increase how effetive you as a team can work together.

Advanced Portal Development

Do you want to start your own online auction? How about a cooking community? Or maybe a dating portal for your area? Talk to us, we are sure we can deliver the system you have in mind!

Web Design and Development

Of course we can provide you with a simple website as well. If you just want a company website and don't want to be bothered with it, this would be probably the best solution. Contact us now!