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By: Podcom  06-Dec-2011

Ever  wondered how often your website or your mail server isn't available.

With PODcom's Internet Monitoring service, we'll send you a report either daily, weekly or monthly providing you with a detailed service level report.

This service offers you the ability to:

  • See the overall availability of your website
  • List all of the instances where your website was down and for how long
  • Review the response time performance of your website

All of the above are key Service Level Messures that your current website provider probably does not provide (nor can they independently).

How does this service work:

What does this service cost:

Depending upon the plan you choose, our internet monitoring service starts from as little as $5.00 excluding GST per month.  Don't worry about pre-paying or handing over credit card information, we'll simply bill you at the end of each month.

What other advantages does this service offer:

  • Independently provider Service Level Agreements
  • External Monitoring
  • Convenient and unbiased reporting
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