10 Reasons to Use Alupanel - Alupanel - Sign Products

By: Plywood City  06-Dec-2011

1. No colour fade in comparison to some plastic products.

2. Dimensionally stable. Does not expand and contract under extremes of temperature.

3. Wide range of colours and finishes available.

4. Amazing rigidity at an incredibly light weight. (see table below)

5. 5 year product guarantee.

6. Incredibly flat smooth surface.

7. Easily cut, folded and formed. It really isn’t as difficult as others make out!

8. Provides your clients with a quality product guaranteed to last, will put you leagues in front of people who use cheaper plastic material.

9. Can be finished in many ways, from the application of vinyl, screen printing, digital printing and the application of paints for traditional sign makers.

10. Competitive price when compared to the performance of other substrates.


At equal rigidity of the products shown, Alupanel is the lightest per M2!

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Sign Ply - Sign Products

Signply faced one side, has medium density overlaid faces with high density overlaid backs, providing an impervious weather seal. It is a high grade exterior plywood, stringently graded throughout each manufacturing stage. The medium density overlay face provides a high quality printable surface. Signply is manufactured in New Zealand on the Westcoast South Island. It is manufactured from plantation grown, Pinus Radiata.


8mm - Why Not - Sign Ply - Sign Products

Not only is it 1mm thinner than the old favoured 9mm but has five veneer thickness, which gives it great strength, for its thickness. 8mm suitable anywhere that has a backing, gable ends to factories, walls, fences etc. Cheaper, lightweight and strong. Most signwritters have taken the soft option by choosing 10mm as a favoured thickness in lieu of the 12mm. In the old days signies had a choice of 9mm or 12mm thickness of Signply.


Alupanel - Sign Products - Plywood City Ltd

The way in which you present your business using out of home media is the one way to build an identifiable face of your business to the consumer. Whether this is to establish corporate identity, get a message across, be different or to simply make a statement. ALUPANEL aluminium composite panel is the key to unlock your display ideas and designs. ALUPANEL is a decorative aluminium composite panel with 1001 uses.


Sign Making and Shop Fitting - Alupanel - Sign Products

Alupanel is the ideal solution creating cost effective, unique finishes for the contractor and end user.The ability to machine, form and cut Alupanelcan provide endless solutions and possibilities to the shop fitting market. Combined with the pre-finished coloured polyester coating, it is truly a remarkable product for creating signs that can be shaped and formed, with a unique, hardwearing finish that exudes quality.


Suspended Ceilings and POS - Alupanel - Sign Products

The unique qualities and range of finishes means Alupanel is an ideal solution for quality POS display manufacture. Combined with the lightweight nature of the product and the ease of machining and forming. Alupanel can be formed into ceiling panels for lay in grid type suspendedceilings. The sign manufacturing capability, described overleaf.