Platinum Safety - Systems Services

By: Platinum Safety  06-Dec-2011
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Platinum Safety - Systems Services


With our extensive technical and system knowledge, Platinum can offer a range of services to support customers in their system deployments and the ongoing management of their Vault installation.

System Provisioning:

Every Vault deployment comes complete with a database that includes your company structure and all your employees. This database is compiled in conjunction with our systems consultants to ensure you have a usable system from the day of installation and to allow the user training to be relevant and productive.

Data Import:

Most customers will have an existing HSE system be it a collection of spreadsheets or another database. Platinum can in many cases do a one-off import of data from your existing systems into the Vault database thereby reducing the amount of initial data entry required.
Data imports are reliant on having compatible fields between the systems, so it is important to contact your Platinum representitive to check compatibility for transfer of information.

Database integration:

Integrating information from the Vault database with other databases in your business can provide an invaluable function for system and user efficiency, data accuracy and reporting. Platinum's technical consultants can provide expert knowledge of the Vault database to help your IT team integrate between systems.

Vault Synchroniser:

The most common information requiring importing into a new system and then requiring ongoing updates is employee information. Platinum has developed the "Vault Synchroniser" utility which allows companies to synchronise the Vault employees with a master system such as a payroll or HR. Employee refreshes can be scheduled to occur regularly depending on your employee turnover or other requirements such as pay periods or monthly reporting periods.

The Vault Synchroniser is available for a one-off fee for Client-server and intranet customers and an annual fee for web hosted customers.


Platinum's technical consultants can support you through your initial Vault installation and also be engaged to provide post implementation support as you and or your networks change.

Customer Support:

Included in the annual licensing fee is Platinum's 4 tier support model designed to provide expert support at all levels of your Vault from online help to software development. 

1. Online support through our Members web site

2. Customer support

3. Technical support

4. Software and development support.

Keywords: Customer Support, Platinum

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Platinum Safety - Services

Buying software is one thing, installing it, populating it with data and then maintaining it however presents some big challenges. Every Vault installation comes with your organisation structure and employees prepopulated allowing you to hit the ground running. Platinum recognise that our experts are the perfect people to overcome these challenges for you.