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By: Pjml Design  06-Dec-2011
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pjml Design produces a variety of products for automotive and general applications. Design specifications subject to change.
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Frequency Data Line
Analogue signals often deteriorate when transmitted over a distance. In a noisy environment the analogue signal can suffer from electrical interference and distortion.
This product transforms the sensitive analogue signal into a variable frequency signal which is much less susceptible to noise.

Analogue to serial conversion
Serial communication is a step up from the frequency data line. Serial data can be fed into PC's for easy data analysis, or serial data can be used to communicate with other devices.
The analogue to serial converter converts any analogue signal to a serial signal.

Sofware Packages
Software packages can be tailored to suit customers needs. pjml Design mainly produces software packages to receive and parse serial data from serial ports. Software is guaranteed to work on a Windows XP operating system.
The software will parse data into a format suitable for analysis in Microsoft Excel or Matlab.

Tachometer with programmable ignition cut
This product is designed to be used on go-karts, motocross bikes or other small engine vehicles. The RPM can be displayed on a series of LED's or on a simple display.
The ignition cut is implemented to prevent unwanted engine wear. The maximum RPM can be programmed through a simple USB interface using unique pjml Design software.

Programmable temperature activated switch
The programmable temperature activated switch is ideal for use in automotive applications i.e. activating a cooling fac when a certain engine coolant temperature is reached, or other applications.
The temperatures at which the switch is closed can be programmed through a simple USB interface using unique pjml Design software.

NOTE: fully customised products are also available. Please for more details.
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Keywords: Engine

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