Setting and Getting your goals

By: Pivot Partners  05-Apr-2012

Normally you would pay over $2000 for equivalent one to one sessions with Gai or Linley. Experience the power of group coaching and save even more.

A goal getting course to catapult you to connect to your extraordinary life

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Are you a goal setter or a goal getter? Do you set goals, get all enthusiastic about them, rush into action and then lose motivation and focus? Do your goals becomes another “I wish..“” I should..“or “ I had a goal to do that but it didn’t work” piece of conversation?

Sound familiar? Want to truly go for your goals? Really?  We have the answer!

What is this program?

A six part programme that gives you:

  • the most successful framework for setting and getting goals that you will put into action
  • a program that will keep you in action and progress to your goals
  • a programme where you will have the expert support of a master coach to ensure you take
  • the first 6 key steps.
  • An understanding of connecting with goals that are really important to you and your life.

How does it work?

The program is delivered over 6 weeks. You will be in the doing seat straight away, with support plus lots of insight as to what is driving you. You will see that this process and program is different from the rest – it works, and it helps you work and stay on task to your goals.

You join a webinar once a week. This means you can be anywhere and you can still come to the ‘session’ just by logging in. You will have received all the materials for each class beforehand. Your master coach guides you through each of the steps and you get plenty of opportunity to ask questions share your thoughts, insights, successes each class.

The calls are recorded and accessible to you for using again.

You have focussed and committed support of your master coaches ‘as well as the support of your classmates cheering you on. A whole team set up to ensure you learn how to tap into your power to be an inspired and inspiring goal getter.

What is the program content?

Week 1: Creating Inspiring Goals

  • Why we should set goals
  • What are smarter goals?
  • Get a smarter goals worksheet
  • Be guided by your master coach to create your goals by the end of the session.

Week 2 Building Strong Foundations: Step 1 Where am I now?

  • How to explore completely your current situation
  • Receive and be guided through a series of evocative questions that help you build a strong foundation

Week 3 Building Strong Foundations: Step 2 - Where am I going exactly?

  • To bring your goals alive
  • Your goals gain crystal clarity
  • Multiple tools and methods for creating your vision

Week 4: Values and Strengths

  • How values impact your life
  • Clarify your own values
  • Know your strengths
  • Make a plan to leverage strengths and values in your goals.

Week 5: Develop a working plan for the goals

  • A planning structure
  • Create a plan with milestones for each of your goals
  • Understand the structure’s application everywhere in your life

Week 6: Sticking to the plan

  • What it will take for you to stick to your plan
  • Get some tools to assist you stay on track
  • Become confident about the journey ahead
  • Celebrate your success to date.

What do others say about this program?

When I heard Gai Foskett’s presentation at Leveraging your Wealth Intelligence in Wellington
earlier this year, it was clear to me that she was drawing from a seam of gold just waiting to be mined and shared. Her business partner, Linley Rose made this possible through their six-week programme A goal getting course to catapult you to connect to your extraordinary life. I valued the way it was structured - in content (multi-disciplinary, research based, theoretical and eminently practical); in process (insightful and continuous throughout the six weeks in ways to achieve self realization); and through its delivery (conference call from anywhere once a week during lunch hour!). Linley goes the extra mile for her clients; she is passionate and objective, thorough and perceptive. She took the care to record our sessions so that we could revisit each step of the process to revise and reflect as we worked toward deeper self knowledge of our own unique pattern for success.
I loved Linley’s leadership style – participatory, powerful and authentic. The pivotal point for me was realizing just how strongly the platform for my goals has been reforged. Pivot Partners show you your own cardinal turning points for change. My goals are now clear and achievable.


  • The dates for this program will  be confirmed
  • Webinars will be held at Noon NZ Standard Time on a Monday for 6 weeks
  • Webinars can be tailored and timed to a groups preference  e.g. an industry, team, retirement planning, 'Mums at home'
  • Webinar sessions will be for 1 hour
  • Buy Now and Save $1400!

    Normally you would pay over $2000 for equivalent one to one sessions with Gai or Linley. Experience the power of group coaching and save even more. This group coaching course is just $597

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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