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By: Pipe Technologies  06-Dec-2011
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The methods by which Pipe Technologies Ltd unblocks drains are:

  • High pressure water blasting forces water at 3000 psi through a flexible hose which can negotiate multiple bends. It blasts sludge, soap, grease and sediment blockages. As the hose is pulled back it power scrubs the line flushing debris away and restoring drain lines the their full free flowing capacity - all without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Electro Mechanical machinery with drainage coils that can be joined together and along with specialised attachments can be used to remove large blockages by skill full operation. Particularly useful if water is unavailable.

The methods by which Pipe Technologies Ltd cuts roots are:

  • High pressure water blasting similar to that used for unblocking drains can usually cut through small fibrous root systems.
  • If the roots are substantial then Robotic Cutters or Torpedo cutters are used along with either the Electro-Mechanical machine or Water blaster.

Once a Liner or Patch has been installed over a live lateral entering the pipe, Pipe Technologies utilises a Robotic cutter to reinstate the lateral.

Use of the Electro-Mechanical machine and specialised cutting heads are also used to restore a lateral connection.

In most reticulation networks, lateral pipe intrude into the mains line by as much as 50mm. Pipe Technologies are able to cut away the the protruding laterals by use of one of two systems (or both)

  • Robotic Cutter
  • Torpedo Cutter

As part of the methodology to undertake any of our work, we utilise either Rigid Sea Snake or KRE cameras. We load the video onto DVD or video tape for the client and can get it put into Cleanflow or other databases.

Pipe Technologies is able to offer an expansive consulting service whereby the following is undertaken:

  • CCTV inspections of laterals and mains.
  • Assessment and recommendations
  • Flow modeling using sophisticated software
  • Project Management

Keywords: Laterals, Robotic Cutter,

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The epoxy resin ensures the tight bond to the host pipe therefore eliminating any annulus that could allow future root penetration between the liner and the host pipe. The unique patented guiding tape used in the system enables the liner to pass through multiple bends or any other pipeline configuration that may be encountered.