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By: Pipe Technologies  06-Dec-2011
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Pipe Technologies Limited offer Sideliner CIPP products which can be used to patch and reline various size pipes.


Is a cured in place air inverted lining system that uses steam to accelerate the curing of the epoxy resin.

The unique patented guiding tape used in the system enables the liner to pass through multiple bends or any other pipeline configuration that may be encountered.

The epoxy resin ensures the tight bond to the host pipe therefore eliminating any annulus that could allow future root penetration between the liner and the host pipe. Structural performance of the relined pipe is also improved substantially by effectively increasing the the pipe wall thickness.

We undertake lining of pipes with diameters ranging from as small as 50mm and upto 225mm.

As we are able to circumvent any combination of pipe bends, we are able to line from the gully trap to the main, thus ensuring a true no dig, no mess solution.


Comes in a box with all the materials that is needed for a simple 1m patch. As with other systems it has a unique patented tie on system that fastens the patch liner to the packer that prevents the lining fabric slipping off the packer as it is pushed and pulled into place.

A polyester resin is used in theis system shortening the curing time to around 2 hours in ambient temperature.

This system can patch around U bends


A felt patch that is reinforced with fibreglass and impregnated with an epoxy resin giving it the structural strength to withstand external pressures.

These patches are used in mains pipes and each one is individually designed by our engineers to ensure that it is suitable for its particular application.

Pipe Technologies Limited offers AM Liner II fold and form liner which can be used to reline mains pipes 150 - 300mm in diameter.

Fold and Form PVC Liner is a completely trenchless form of restoration and is used to rehabilitate pipe sections between manholes. The liner is heated, pulled into the host pipe and reformed with steam and air. Service laterals are reinstated robotically with cutters and a camera. Although the diameter of the line is reduced by the thickness of the liner, the smooth seamless pipe has less friction loss which more than compensates for the diameter change.

It is an environmentally friendly way to rehabilitate damaged pipes. There are no hazardous chemicals to handle, no noxious odour and no hazardous materials to leak into the environment.

Because AM-LINER II is manufactured in a factory and not in the ground, the physical properties of the liner are known before it leaves the factory, not weeks after the product has been installed. AM-LINER II is installed using trenchless technology, negating the need for costly and time consuming excavation. Once installed, AM-LINER II is a structural, seamless, chemically reisitant, PVC pipe formed tightly to the interior of the existing host pipe.


  • no styrene
  • environmentally friendly
  • trenchless technology
  • fast installation
  • seamless interior
  • structural
  • resistant to gasses, chemicals, and corrosion
  • consistent high quality
  • qualified licensed installers

Pipe Technologies Limited offers the TopSeal system which is a world leader in lateral joint repair. We are able to undertake up to 5 repairs per day within the same pipe.

The TOPSEAL system is a method for localised repair of house service connections and main pipes.

The repair is carried out using a remote controlled robot which enters the sewage system through a manhole. The TOPSEAL system is the fastest repair method in the world. Damage can be repaired from inside within 12 to 15 minutes. The curing time for the formed parts is only seven minutes, so it is unnecessary to divert the sewer.

TopSeal glass fibre laminate offers five significant advantages for rehabilitation work.

  • It cures in only 7 minutes. This enables the repair to be immediately documented.
  • It is unnecessary to construct a bypass as the flow is only temporarily restricted.
  • It is self supporting and can replace the original pipe.
  • It has a 50 year life and a 50 year guarantee is provided.
  • Unlike other systems the inserts are seamless and significantly more durable.

Keywords: Pipe

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Once a Liner or Patch has been installed over a live lateral entering the pipe, Pipe Technologies utilises a Robotic cutter to reinstate the lateral. If the roots are substantial then Robotic Cutters or Torpedo cutters are used along with either the Electro-Mechanical machine or Water blaster. High pressure water blasting similar to that used for unblocking drains can usually cut through small fibrous root systems.