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By: Pipc  06-Dec-2011
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Project Management Outsourcing is a refreshing approach to provide our clients with access to professional project management expertise, as and when needed, whilst being able to grow and retain their internal capability to an optimal level. Because of our long-term commitment to our clients, we offer them the flexibility of being able to ramp up project resources when necessary, while leaving their organisation richer by having access to our vast project expertise.

PIPC Approach

Successful project managers understand the corporate environment in which their project is being delivered. Core to our Project Management Outsourcing service is the development of a strong partnership with our clients, whereby we understand their culture, their way of working and their strategic goals.
We can then help build the optimal-sized project management resource – maximising the use of the core internal team and utilising our highly experienced staff to cover any hot spots or weaknesses. While doing so, we ensure the transfer of project skills and new techniques to our client’s staff via structured mentoring and coaching.

When to use PM Outsourcing

Project Management Outsourcing is of particular value to organisations that run a number of projects at any one time, or to those embarking on new initiatives who lack the project management skills to successfully deliver it.

Project Management Outsourcing is also valuable where companies do any one of the following:

  • utilise the services of contract or temporary project management resources
  • work within a multi-project or multi-location project environment
  • have difficulty in forward planning their project resource needs
  • have an internal project team that is over-stretched
  • need to improve the capability and effectiveness of their project management staff
  • have a business critical project that needs urgent attention
  • want to maximise the use of their internal team without losing control to third parties

Our aim at PIPC is to continually delight our clients. We encourage companies to partner and outsource with us if we feel we can add immense value to the organisation and leave the company richer for having worked with us.

We take pride in ‘raising the game’ for our clients. We are the leading global project management consultancy working at the cutting edge of industry practice. However, we recognise that each of our clients has individual needs when it comes to deploying methods, tools and techniques. By partnering with us to support project management needs, our clients have access to a team whose reputation is built on its track record for successful delivery.

The Benefits

Access to our experienced staff:

  • able to respond quickly to ever-changing project needs
  • entirely flexible resource pool to meet short-term challenges cost-effectively
  • confidence in delivering the most critical projects
  • injection of energy and drive from an experienced team

Access to coaching, mentoring and training:

  • raise the capability of the in-house team
  • give individuals a focused development path
  • new challenges for staff without exposing the organisation to risk

Access to our extensive project management tools and techniques:

  • save time and energy in “reinventing the wheel”
  • have confidence that best-practice is being utilised
  • rapidly improve the organisation’s way of working
  • add a whole new dimension to the organisation’s intellectual property and knowledge-base

We have an enviable global track record for delivering enormous benefits to our clients, while raising their Project Management Capability and helping to deliver critical projects.

Track Record

PIPC has provided highly successful Project Management Outsourcing solutions to clients such as:

  • BBC
  • BP
  • Cable & Wireless
  • DBS Bank
  • DWP
  • Meridian Energy
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
  • WestPac

Keywords: Project Management, Project Management Outsourcing, Project Managers, Project Team,

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