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By: Pinnacle Security  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Employment, Staff Theft, Internal Audit

Fraud investigation

We have historically completed numerous investigations which have included multimillion dollar company frauds, sabotage, product tampering and copyright issues. When required we prepare complaint files for police prosecution. We can guarantee 48 hour response to any one of these issues.

Staff Theft

Staff theft is a larger issue than customer theft.  Regular retail studies identify the fact that in excess of 80% of business losses are attributable to staff theft.

We can assist you in this area using a variety of different resources including, interviews, covert cameras, surveillance and the like.   We also guide you through the disciplinary interview process if required.

Surveillance and GPS tracking

Surveillance is an important step in obtaining information about the operation of a business or a staff member. This can be performed by physically following a persons or vehicles or just monitoring their activity from a GPS unit. Contact us to discuss an option that would suit.

Employment issues / disputes

Disciplinary interviews often follow in-house investigations.  As you will be aware this area is a minefield for business owners or inexperienced managers and any mistakes can be very time consuming and expensive.  If a client is unsure of the process relating to disciplining employees we can facilitate those meetings to ensure adherence to the Employment Relations Act in an effort to eliminate the opportunity or exposure against frivolous Personal Grievance claims.

We also provide assistance in resolving existing disputes between parties and advice on restructuring and redundancy issues.

Staff pre employment screening

Studies reveal that 30% of job applicants make false claims on their CV’s, and that is outside those that fail to disclose previous criminal convictions. 

It is therefore paramount that all new employees are thoroughly screened prior to their employment.  We offer three levels of service:

  • Full vetting – reference checks, credit check, and criminal history
  • Credit and criminal check only
  • Criminal check only

Bronwyn has extensive knowledge in staff pre-employment screening. She has been specialising in this area since 1993 and currently actions in excess of 250 pre-employment checks per month.


Even with the power of the Internet these days finding someone is still often difficult especially if they do not wish to be found.

We specialise in this field with a 92% success rate.

Security Consultation

We have in house staff to complete security reviews, risk assessments and system design, encompassing both procedural and physical aspects such as CCTV, access control, intruder alarm systems and all other relevant aspects of the operation.  A review will be tailored to your specific needs. We do not supply hardware and are therefore totally impartial and independent. We will provide sound cost effective solutions and recommendations for your business.

Covert Camera Installation

We are arguably the most experienced covert camera installers in New Zealand with 20 yrs of experience in this field. We have experienced installers available to complete installations anywhere in New Zealand.

Videotape or Data Analysis

This is a unique service as we are the only company to provide high quality external analysis to clients. This service compliments our covert camera installations.

Our team of analysts has in excess of 40 years of collective reviewing experience and completes in excess of 200 hrs of contract analysis per month. We solve all manner of problems for clients and provide written reports on activity ready for disciplinary action, prosecution and defence purposes. The reports cover, but are not limited to, dishonesty, procedural failures and health and safety breaches. We are able to review all major brands of analogue multiplexers as well as digital reviewing on CD’s from Digital Video Recorders and removable hard drives.

Internal Audit

Tony has have been completing Internal Audits for a number of clients for the past 25 years, mainly in the entertainment, hospitality and warehousing businesses. The areas that we focus on are compliance, in relation to policy and procedure, and maintaining gross profit margins and achieving cost of goods margins.

Tony worked in house with Lion Breweries for 6 years as an auditor as well as handling the Security Manager role.  In 1992 he became the national external supplier of this service for the Lion Breweries Group including Hancocks Hotels, Cobb & Co, Liquor King and The Cellars until their divestment program had been completed.

He has also completed internal audit work for SkyCity, the Mill Liquorsave, Dominion Breweries Northern region along with various Trusts and numerous other organisations.  This has included gaming machine audit and TAB audits.

Electronic Countermeasures (de-bugging)

Electronic countermeasures or ‘sweeps’ as they are known are usually conducted in offices prior to important meetings taking place. They are generally completed outside normal work hours but can be performed at any given time. This involves both a physical and electronic search of the areas concerned.  We have a dedicated contractor who performs this service on our behalf.

Computer Forensics

Important evidence that is crucial to a business or to an investigation can often be lost either deliberately or by accident.

In the majority of cases we can recover this information to ensure business continuance or recover evidence to assist with an investigation to identify and offender.

Keywords: Covert Camera Installation, Employment, Internal Audit, Staff Theft