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By: Pindar Nz  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Graphic Design, Graphics, Publications

Full production service

We produce a whole book or document as a complete package – from contracting the author through to delivery of the finished stock or digital files.

Project management

We manage multi-book projects – performing full production services and supervising the whole programme, from concept to delivery.

Internal design

We create attractive design styles that guide readers easily through your publication.

Cover design

Our designs grab readers' attention, and communicate the contents of your publication.

Book and general typesetting

We produce quality publications by planning page layouts, applying correct type styling, creating tables, hyphenating appropriately, and inserting pictures and other graphics (with their captions and credits). In short, we do all the detailed work required for outstanding page layouts.

Template design

We create design blanks in which clients can insert their own text.

Graphic design

By applying principles of legibility, coherence, interest, novelty, and accessibility we can create works using words and images to communicate your message.

Mathematical and music typesetting

We use specialist software to apply established typesetting principles to the presentation of mathematical and musical symbols.

Customised typefaces

We create new typefaces or add characters to existing typefaces for special requirements. We are able to create Maori fonts (with macrons), Pacific Island fonts (with up to 15 extra vowels), and totally new characters or symbols for semi-automated typesetting systems.

Pre-press and print broking

We seek quotes and purchase services from a carefully selected list of suppliers. We ensure delivery of correctly prepared files, maintain quality control, check proofs, and do supplier liaison. We can meet all your special packing and freight requirements.

Mono and colour scanning

We do everything from low-resolution positionals to high-quality reproduction scans, including colour correction, optimising endpoints, retouching (including restoration), and clear-cutting.

Reformatting graphics

We correct or modify graphics received from other sources and solve problems with digital files.


Our editorial services include structural editing (reviewing the whole structure of the book and suggesting or making rewrites) and copy-editing (dealing with matters such as clarity of expression, correct sense, and accuracy of cross-references).


When proofreading, we check spelling, punctuation, grammar, and consistency. We double-check all corrections.


We prepare indexes for publications – from simple name lists through to nested academic indexes.

Data entry/keyboarding

We key text and information into databases, formatted templates, and text files.

File translation

We translate files from PC to Mac and vice versa, from one program to another, from older to newer versions of software, or from one medium to another.

Database publishing solutions

We can create publications out of material stored in databases, or we can design a publishing system that makes use of the power of databases.

Multi-purposing solutions

Our services include multi-purposing and repurposing documents for XML-only workflows or integrated workflows, including XML outputs, e-Books and audio books.

Marketing services for private publishers

Whether it is a novel, historical book, autobiography, or non-fiction work, we can build a plan to promote your book and then manage distribution and sales.

Keywords: Graphic Design, Graphics, Print Broking, Publications, Typesetting

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