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By: Piera Mcarthur  05-Apr-2012

My View by Alan Duff
“An original that marches to her own beat, Piera’s work is the precise, definite opposite of mediocrity..her paintings are bursts of vivid colours of strikingly familiar forms, rather like those profound pictures you see as living forms, shapes and meanings..in your dreams at night.”
Douglas MacDiarmid writes of his delight at..
“your mastery of your style, which is unique”
Tair Salakov, First Secretary of the USSR Artist’s Union, Moscow (at the time of Piera’s solo exhibition at the New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow)
“Exceptionally gifted painter nd graphic artist, full of temperament and burning youth of spirit. Piera McArthur confidently employs on her works the language of modern Fine Arts, demonstrating true artistic culture.”
Natasha Glagoleva, Journal of Soviet Culture “Piera’s art does not tolerate established forms: they are destroyed mercilessly by her desire to catch a moment of fast-going life and to express its changing essence..it seems that colours are thrown at the canvas with strong and energetic stroke..to be in time to put down a moment in life, a person’s mood, to catch one’s spirit and fix them..vibrating, breathing, trembling..this marvellous artist from far-off New Zealand.”