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By: Physio Absolute  06-Dec-2011

Absolute Programmes
Designed to pinpoint areas of potential weakness, our Absolute programmes take a scientific look at your physical and psychological makeup, tuning them to be more effective, energetic and resilient.
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Physio Absolute programs aim to improve your body resilience and maximise your body's performance.
Taking you towards absolute living freedom

Absolute Life Program
Absolute life is an intensive 12-16 week programme with all sessions conducted at Physio Absolute Clinic. The program commences with initial assessments from Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Nutrition, Massage therapy, Chinese medicine and Performance Training. This information is analysed & an individualised programme is designed.

This Lifestyle Health Programme is about changing attitudes and bad habits, learning and embracing new ways of looking after your body and mind to produce improved health and body resilience. We aim to assist you to achieve the goals you set at the beginning of the program and educate you to maintain the changes that will have occurred in your body and mind.

Your appointments will be pre-booked for the entire programme allowing you to fit around your existing commitments. You can make any changes to the sample programme to tailor the package to your needs. Your programme can be shortened, lengthened and manipulated to suit you.