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Activities/Play time

We have rostered play times with ALL our guests during the course of the day. Our Trained staff are on hand to fill a treat ball, play tug of war or simply sit in the unit with your pet(s) and read a book. Sharon, Hannah, Nathalie and Robyn will oversee your pets total comfort, both physical and mental, as a priority while they are in our care. Our units are 3 times the required size. We will always offer our guests more space rather than less should we have a double unit free, our policy is to accommodate single pets in a larger unit. We offer chairs to sit on for owners etc during a visit and music continuous throughout the day. Tea and coffee is available on request.

Heating in All Dog / Cat units over winter.

All kennel sleeping areas have heat lamps provided for extra warmth during winter months. Each pet has their own raised bed inside their sleeping compartments with blankets and bedding that is changed on a daily basis Our kennel floors are covered with warm blankets and our guests have a selection of fleecy coats available.

Transit duties for pets onward International travel.

Pethaven offers transit duties for dogs and cats rest over and onward travel to Australia. Please contact us for further details and price.

Transitional Boarding for Dogs Only who cannot be collected on Release date.

(Please see Transition Boarding page)

Veterinary Care

We have private Veterinary Surgeons on call 24 hours per day. If your pet shows any signs of illness during his/her quarantine period Pukekohe Veterinary Hospital will ensure your pet/s receives immediate professional veterinary attention.

Business hours

Open Monday to Saturday (11 am - 3 pm)


Keywords: Dogs