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By: Pens Online  06-Dec-2011

With Aimdata Marketing's 3dub-Spectrum ™ range of internet solutions you will achieve unbelievable results:

  • 3dub is our quick way of refering to our World-Wide-Web solutions. Instead of saying " WWW" , or "double-U, double-U, double-U", we say 3dub !
  • 3dub-Spectrum ™ solutions are presented as the colours of the spectrum we all see in a rainbow. 3dub-Spectrum ™ solutions range from powerful solutions at the red end of the spectrum to entry-level solutions, at the violet end of the spectrum. There is a 3dub-Spectrum ™ solution to suit your needs and your budget.

Do you remember ROYGBIV from your school days? The colours of the visible spectrum: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. These are the solutions that are visible to your global web site audience. And then there is the invisible spectrum which includes infrared, the hot stuff.

You can browse through our product catalogue using the 3dub-Spectrum ™ categories as a guide to the type of solution you require.

3dub.Spectrun ™ solutions range from:

  • entry-level solutions at the violet end of the spectrum, to
  • add-on modules to add value to any solution, to
  • pre-configured out-of-the-box solutions in the green (for GO!) range, to
  • modular solutions that grow with your busines in the yellow range, to
  • industry specific applications in the orange range, to
  • robust solutions at the red end of the spectrum, and even to
  • powerful back-end business-automation systems in the invisible infrared spectrum.

There are choices of solution within each of the spectrum groups. So solutions are available for budget concious businesses entering the internet world, to demanding clients needing robust solutions to meet demanding mission-crital requirements.

3dub.Violet ™ Solutions

3dub.Violet ™ Solutions are rapidly deployed solutions for businesses needing to establish a web presence, but minimise their costs.

With an ASAP (Accelerated Site Activation Platform) internet solution your business can be online within 7-days with an affordable website that works. There are over 900 unique designs for you to choose from to put your fingerprint on the web, and ASAP has the modular flexibility to include powerful business functions like online shopping, flash animation, photo gallery, Yahoo Maps and much more.

3dub.Indigo ™ Solutions

3dub.Indigo ™ Solutions are out-of-the-box add-ons to any website.

They are included into the 3dub.Indigo ™ range of products because of their statistically proven ability to increase your ROII (Return On Internet Investment).

3dub.Blue ™ Solutions

Watch this space for new 3dub.Blue ™ Solutions coming soon.

3dub.Green ™ Solutions

3dub.Green ™ Solutions are complete internet solutions, ready to GO right out of the box.

They are industry-specific, and have been developed from experience gained developing many solutions for clients in the same industry. They a robust, fully-featured, and cost-effective for businesses in these industries.

3dub.Yellow ™ Solutions

3dub.Yellow ™ Solutions are chosen for businesses needing to keep to a budget, but looking for a robust solution. They are modular in nature so can be expanded and adapted as your needs change. A range of standard web design templates to keep initial costs down, and custom web designs can be added. Your 3dub.Yellow ™ control panel enables website content such as your calendar, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), or Shopping Cart to be easily updated in a non-technical fashion.

3dub.Orange ™ Solutions

3dub.Orange ™ Solutions are also proven and standards-based, although the standards tend to be industry-specific. For example SCORM compliance for web-based training system platforms.

3dub.Red ™ Solutions

3dub.Red ™ Solutions are proven, and standards-based. They are highly robust and configurable, and corform to the highest standards of internet solutions.

All 3dub.Red ™ Solutions , undergo constant improvement in functionality, design and usability to retain their status in this category. They are best-in-class products.

3dub.Infrared ™ Solutions

Infrared light is invisible to the human eye. Similarly, 3dub.Infrared ™ Solution components are invisible to public website visitors. These are the behind-the-scenes solution components that add real power and value. An example is an online CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems that maintains and share key information about your clients, your prospects, and the processes and actions needed to look after them.

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