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By: Pegdriver  05-Apr-2012
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Remove all of your formwork pegs the easy way with this stand-up tool.

Quickly and easily remove your pegs from even the hardest ground, with the Peg Remover… And because it painlessly removes your pegs without damage, you can cart them off to reuse on your next job.

Because the Peg Remover is adjustable, no matter what pegs you use for your formwork, you can cleanly remove whatever sized pegs you use and save your back.

Keywords: Pegs

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Peg Driver |

If you don’t yet have a Concrete breaker we highly recommend using only concrete breakers with a minimum of 40 Joules of impact power at the hammer point and a breaker that is a minimum of 14kg’s in weight. Reuse your pegs and Save money – Because the PegDriver is hitting the pegs square every single time, you don’t damage your pegs so you can throw them on the truck and take them to the next job.


Pilot Point |

The Pilot Point attachment will bore a pilot hole in hard and extremely hard ground, allowing you to drive the pegs without breaking them or going of course. The Pilot Point comes in 4 different models to attach to whichever concrete breaker you use. You can now drive pegs into ground previously unable to be driven. Forget breaking pegs, trying to bash them into hard ground.