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By: Peer Software  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Backup Solutions, Server Backup

GOAL: Provide Real-Time or Scheduled back-up process to minimize down-time from lost or damaged files. Businesses simply cannot afford data loss. Instantaneous and reliable access to data is one of the key competitive advantages for corporations operating in today’s economy. As a result, grading the performance and capabilities of backup solutions is no longer simply a matter of reviewing the ability for copying data and restoring upon a disaster. Instead, administrators are increasingly interested in solutions that address all aspects of data availability and ensuring that business information is available whenever and wherever it is needed immediately. Business Challenges

Traditional solutions such as tape backup do not meet the needs of businesses today. Traditional backup technology has revolved around manual software applications that copy critical files to another storage medium, such as tape or other magnet media, for later data retrieval. While that methodology offers some protection, the very nature of a scheduled or manual backup means that data can become stale quickly. Most sites perform backups on a daily basis, which means in the case of a drive failure, as much as a complete day of work could be lost. Multiply that by hundreds of users, and the cost for that day’s labor added to down time can quickly grow to astronomical proportions.

Another problem with traditional backup software packages is that data stores can become corrupt simply due to the excessive amount of time a backup can take. In many instances, portions of data files, such as indexes or message stores, can change during an active backup, which then can lead to data corruption during a restore.

Peer Solution's Benefits
With hard disk costs falling, administrators realize that disk-based storage can accomplish the same backup tasks in just a fraction of the time needed for tape, while being cost competitive with tape systems. Not only does this reduce backup time, but those same backup disks can also speed recovery times. With these issues in mind, PeerSync Server was created to provide the foundation for your disk based high data availability requirements. Below are just a few of the core features:
  • One to One OR Many to One Server backup
  • Central Configuration Administration
  • Centralized Monitoring for Backup Status
  • Real-Time and Scheduled Processing
  • Open-File/Database Replication
  • Byte-Level Replication
  • Multi-Threading
  • UNC Path, TCP/IP and FTP Support
  • Configures and runs in minutes instead of hours

Keywords: Backup Solutions, Server Backup

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