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By: Peer Software  06-Dec-2011
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GOAL: PeerLink (Peer File Collaboration Enterprise) enables business file sharing and file collaboration for users around the world. Providing true Real-Time file synchronization and file locking.

Version conflicts are prevented through distributed real-time file locking ensuring that only one person can edit a file at a time.

Business Challenges

A recent study of 40,000 projects found that 66% of projects completely fail or are late, over budget or missing critical features.

One factor that can contribute to these failures is the geographic distance among project team members. Project teams now rarely have the luxury of working together in a single location. And they often lack even the assurance of having a stable team for the life of the project. As companies expand and open remote office locations or work with partner firms on projects, teams must find ways to work together across both geographic and company boundaries. Increasing this complexity is the large nature of certain project files, which necessitates that a local copy of such files are kept at each office.

  • How do you ensure that when one person is updating a file, another person is not simultaneously making changes and creating version conflicts?
  • How do you ensure that team members are working on the most up to date files, regardless of where they are?
  • Increased pressure to keep long-term electronic archives to stay competitive, leverage archived assets, and reduce overall design costs
  • How do you share large project files over a slow connection link and do it securely?
Peer Solution

With these challenges in mind, PeerLink (Peer File Collaboration Enterprise) was created to provide seamless document collaboration capabilities built around traditional file server management processes.

  • Choose which folders you want to participate in collaboration and on which hosts. These folders will automatically replicate to only those file servers you designate.
  • The designated folders will have real-time replication so changes made anywhere will propagate to all other locations.
  • Files being edited at any location will propagate a file lock (to prevent version conflicts) at all other locations.
  • All file transfers are secure and encrypted via SSL.
  • Only changed portions of a file are replicated.
  • Because all files are replicated, large project files are accessed instantly via local speeds.

Keywords: File Server, File Servers

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File Collaboration , real-time file sync, file locking

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