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By: Peak Leaders  06-Dec-2011

Japan Freeride and Freestyle | Peak Leaders

What a week it has been! We finished off Week 1 with a plush Kobe steak dinner on Friday night at a local pension, with a teppanyaki restaurant. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so I’ll let them give you an idea of the evening!

And the steaks were THIS big!

We all ate our weight in steaks, salads, stir fries. Trying to walk home after consuming that volume of food…well it took a while.

The group had a chilled out weekend, practising their moves from the week before in preparation for the Level 1.

Everyone has just completed their first teaching session as part of their BASI Level 1. It couldn’t have been a better day, bluebird, in fact with empty pistes. Ideal. 2 days to go until results time and everyone is looking strong. Happy Days.

Dave teaching the basic turn below.

Rob taking notes for marking as the group give their demos.

Marty below putting the group through their paces with the standard turn.

A bit of lunch and time to work on the tan!

Marty catching some rays…You don’t get this brown in Manchester!

Sundip looking the part…

Sara chilling in the sun at lunch

Everyone has got the hang of the Japanese pose

Great photo of the team above.

Back to the Hotel Windsor for the day’s lecture and for video analysis and feedback.

It was Australia Day yesterday and also the hotel owners’ birthday. Every Aussie that resides in Myoko was in the hotel bar for beer and vegimite sandwiches. The hotel owners showed them how it’s done!

And to celebrate Inoue-San’s b’day, we surprised him with a cake and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday!’

At Akakura Onsen, you can go night boarding. They open one piste and the park. It was pretty epic. Empty and a unique experience. Highly recommended. The lifts close from 4.30-5pm whilst the lifties change shift, then you are good to go until 9pm. Who needs European apres-ski, when you can do this instead?!

The main chair at 5pm – empty (Below)

The piste and park ready to go.

The park at Onsen is a bit like a slopestyle – box and rail, then kicker or quarter pipe, then another kicker, box, rail then kicker to finish…then back up in the chair, then repeat until time for a beer.

And just another wee reminder below about the perfect parks here. Wish you were here?!

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