PC Works NZ - Computer problems sorted - Internet Network Wireless

By: Pcworks  06-Dec-2011

As technology has grown over the last few years the number of devices in our home that now connect to the internet or our home network has grown immensely.

Whether it is your computer, smart phone or media device, we can help get your home network up and running.

Want a wireless network? We can help. Wireless networks are so convenient, and you can connect so many more devices to your network without cables, however it is important that your wireless network is secure so ensure you have the right security by getting us to set it up for you. It is worth noting that often when your wireless broadband modem arrives from your internet provider, it is often not secure by default.

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PC Works NZ - Computer problems sorted - DataRecovery

If you have lost files, please avoid using your computer, in particular saving new documents, photos and so on as this can make the recovery of your data more difficult. Once we have recovered your files, we can offer you advice on how best to protect and backup your data in the future. We can use a variety of techniques to scan your computer for lost files.


PC Works NZ - Computer problems sorted - Laptops

If your laptop is just beyond repair, we have great rates for new laptops and we can also transfer all of your existing data from your old laptop onto your new one. If you have a faulty power adapter or power jack, broken screen or keyboard isn’t working, we can help repair or replace these parts.


PC Works NZ - Computer problems sorted - Desktops

You can have peace of mind knowing that we only use reputable suppliers and only use the most well respected and trusted brands of components for our repairs. If you computer won’t power up, shuts down unexpectedly or just keeps crashing, we can help you.


PC Works NZ - Computer problems sorted - Viruses

Some of the more aggressive viruses and spyware actually will try to steal information like passwords and credit card/bank details from you or hijack your computer for criminal acts, so it is important that you do not leave a suspected virus infection. If you suspect or know you have a virus or some other “Malware” it is critical you get it removed immediately.


PC Works NZ - Computer problems sorted - HealthCheck

Just like you car should be serviced regularly, our health check and clean up service is recommended to be done twice a year to keep your computer running in tip-top condition. We check for all the necessary updates, remove any junk or dangerous files and ensure all hardware and components are operating correctly and at the right temperatures.


PC Works NZ - Computer problems sorted - WorkshopOnsite

Some jobs require your PC to be in our workshop, whilst other jobs require us to be onsite (e.g. network setup, internet troubleshooting). If an onsite job is taking longer than expected, or other issues arise, we may need to bring your PC back to our workshop. We carefully remove all the cables and devices (e.g. printers) before bringing your computer back to our workshop.