Site Audit and Strategic Planning :: passionIT

By: Passionit  05-Apr-2012

Strategic planning is necessary for the overall success of the ICT infrastructure. In order to plan successfully you must know where you are currently. As a Systems Integrator, passionIT is able to perform a full audit of your infrastructure, establish your required outcomes and provide a detailed audit report. If required, we can also compile a strategic-plan. The plan will include recommendations taking into account expected organisational developments, asset lifecycles, desired outcomes and future technology trends. Audits will highlight areas that require special attention and will include some suggested solutions to resolve these issues efficiently.

A key component of these reports is future proofing your systems, particularly around the reinvention of networks known as Cloud Computing. It is impossible to ignore Cloud Computing and any new developments must take this into account. This extremely rapid development requires specialist input in order to ensure long term efficiencies in all areas of your organisation.