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By: Pascoe Barton  06-Dec-2011

Many investors seek help in managing investments. The quality and type of help they seek can vary dramatically depending on one small detail, who is paying their adviser? If you are paying the adviser, the adviser should be working for you. Most importantly, it is important to understand the nature of the relationship between you, your adviser, and the investments that the adviser recommends.

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The end of a relationship through divorce, separation or death of a partner can mean significant and often unwelcome changes, particularly when it comes to finances. During this time you may have to deal with money in a way that you may never have imagined. This is invariably a time of great emotional stress.


Investment Failures | Pascoe Barton

The big question has been will any of the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) default on their sovereign debt obligations. Thanks to big bail outs by other countries in the European Union. Most of this has been because of market uncertainty. This past year has been a real mixture.


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Even with the benefit of the PREFU documents, there probably is not sufficient detail or time available to analyse, strategize and make meaningful announcements prior to the election. One of the unfortunate things about the New Zealand electoral system is that the three year term is really too short for the government to really make any significant changes.


Investment Performance | Pascoe Barton - investment performance

We can also remember wage freezes, and the maximum interest rates that were chargeable on mortgages. Those of us who can remember the 1980’s in New Zealandknow that inflation was high. Inflation is something that all investors should worry about. Inflation can be really nasty.