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By: Park Lane It  05-Apr-2012

Park Lane's health check service is an effective way to identify and maintain maximum use of your existing technical infrastructure. Maintaining optimal performance of your Oracle databases allows them to function with quicker response times, availability and robustness. This service is at the core of creating sustainable systems infrastructure.

Park Lane provides database health checks to a wide range of organisations across Government, Education and Commercial sectors for both Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Park Lane's health checks can be provided on a scheduled or ad hoc basis. The health check service covers:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Hardware Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Robustness
  • Capacity Management
  • Scalability
  • Documentation
  • Support

Our health check service identifies ways in which you can effectively:

  • Reduce the risk of system outages and downtime,
  • Maximise your use of existing resources
  • Gives a transparency to allow for accurate planning of future hardware and software upgrades.

Park Lane also offers a quarterly health check that reviews the most volatile components of your database to minimise the risk of a database outage. By incorporating these elements into your database practice will lead to a more sustainable systems infrastructure.

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Park Lane supports a growing array of applications from the LAMP stack to high availability Linux based production servers and mission-critical enterprise applications - using technologies from the data centre to the middle and client tier. Park Lane's use of Open Source technologies is aligned with our philosophy of providing effective, sustainable, and maintainable enterprise level systems to our clients working in any environment.


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The PAIR on-line issues register is a client service oriented resource which allows our DBA team, Account Managers and our clients open and transparent visuals on all issues and activities reported through PAIR. Park Lane takes a long term view on all issues encompassed within relationship management; this includes designing and developing the right product solution.


Park Lane IT - pl services

Our support services are implemented across organisations in the Government, Education and Commercial sectors, both Nationally and Internationally. Park Lane specialises in getting the maximum performance from the Oracle database, tools and applications environment, on all operating platforms. Park Lane holds a Tasmanian GITC Head Agreement to allow us to continue our successful engagements with Tasmanian Organisations.