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By: Paremata Rural  06-Dec-2011

Company Statement:

“To provide contractual management and advisory services to pastoral agribusiness”.


  • ROADMAP– pastoral agribusiness start-up systems.
  • NAVIGATE– pastoral agribusiness partnerships.
  • GAIA– Permaculture systems.
  • GLOBAL- international promotion of NZ agri-systems.

ROADMAP is a three part systems programme centred on the graduated principles of Planning, Development, and Management. These processes, (1.) in acquiring a suitable property (ies)/equity and the selection and placement of appropriate senior staff, (2.) in the locking-in of a broad-based Management Plan and its components, and (3.) in the orderly implementation of a series of comprehensive and practically-based templates, provide a firm foundation for a complete agribusiness package. This package is directed at the new or existing Farmers/Investors aiming to be seriously involved in the NZ pastoral industry of the future. The three parts to this programme should ideally have a completion time of no more than 4-6 months.

NAVIGATE is a business relationship programme established along the general principles of “mentor-mentee”. Many entering, or already in, agriculture often lack support and/or knowledge to either remain in the industry or to progress. It is designed to allow the Farmer/Investor(s) Partner to participate in a benign communicative process with an Associate Partner, and within a non-judgemental environment. This programme is to have a mutually defined aim, and dateline end-objective.

GAIA is an ethically-designed programme based on a Permaculture-inspired belief that a new way of systems thinking is needed within current pastoral models in order for them to be able to progress towards a more balanced and sustained future continuance of national and global grasslands. This programme is tailored for the new or existing Farmer/Investor(s), and will have mutually defined outcomes.

(NB. All of these three programmes have the underlying capacity to be interlinked.)

GLOBAL is a linkage and networking programme designed to promote NZ pastoral/livestock expertise and management offshore, particularly with regard to sustainable all-grass systems.

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