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By: Painters  06-Dec-2011
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Painters Inc. Ltd - Services

House Painting - Interior and Exterior

Painters Inc. are happy to come and quote on painting the interior or the exterior of your home. We are confident with any kind of substrate or house type. We will paint villas in Thorndon, bungalows in Ngaio and modern townhouses in Karori.

Wellington houses are subject to quite severe weather, especially wind. Over time, if you don't look after the paint system it will start to fail. Your house should be repainted approximately every ten years. Don't leave it too late.


Painters Inc. Ltd has extensive experience applying waterproofing membrane to concrete and rendered claddings. These types of cladding can become prone to water seeping through small cracks. Application of a waterproofing membrane such as Resene X-200 can be very beneficial as a long-term solution. These products come in all the usual colours and don't require another top coat -so they are a one-step solution. Call us discuss your waterproofing questions.

Roof painting

Painters Inc. Ltd also paint roofs. After a good wash down and any remedial preparation such as scraping back rust or replacing roofing nails and priming we generally spray the top coat. This may depend on the pitch of the roof and other access issues. We will also let you know if we think the roof is past the point where it can be usefully painted and that a new roof is necessary. We can put you onto some excellent roofers if this is required.

Commercial Painting - Interiors and Exteriors

Water Blasting

Paint Stripping

We have had extensive experience stripping houses. We use two methods - chemical stripping or dry stripping. Depending on the amount that needs to be done we will use the appropriate method. We don't use any kind of heat based stripping such as blow torches or heat guns for health and safety reasons.

Airless Spraying

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