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By: Paddlerzone  06-Dec-2011
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Sit on tops have truly come of age in the last few years: now you can have one for almost any purpose you would use a sit in kayak for - which is why there are so many of them. To help narrow down the list, the kayaks and info sections are separated into the following categories:

Let us know if you want help making sure you get the right kayak for you.

Kids and family:
Looking for kayaks for the kids that adults can use too? Take the , or for a spin. Or get the perfect all-round kayak designed just for kids with the . See the tandem section below to take more than one person at a time - including the entire family at once if you'd like.

Fishing and Diving:
Maybe you're looking for a platform to get you to your favouritefishing or diving spot, it doesn't get more stable than the and it has a huge carrying capacity!

Want something faster? Well, the long waterline of the  will let you cruise out to your favourite spot or catch swells.  The fastest of the dedicated fishing kayaks is th e , it's ideal for longer day trips, or if you're looking to take gear with you for overnighters and extended trips

Looking for something easy to get to the water?

Exploring and Touring:
Maybe you'd like to explore Quail Island & the bays of Lyttelton harbour or your local lake - , , and will all take you there.

If you'd like something to take several members of the family all at the same time then the and are the way to go. The is perfect for parents wanting to explore the underwater world with their kids.  If you'd like to take longer day trips or go touring then try the .

Not sure if you want a Tandem or a Single?

The Pro's of sit on top kayaks

  • Simplicity
  • Easy to paddle for a beginner, very high primary stability on most models
  • Easy to self right and rescue - no baling required.
  • More flexible storage and stowage options
  • No need for an additional spray deck
  • Relatively light weight
  • Can be used as a multi-purpose platform eg fishing & diving
  • Great primary stability
  • High seating position - see and be seen!
  • Generally much cheaper than sit in kayaks
  • Easier for people with limited mobility
  • Easy to transport

The Con's of sit on top kayaks

  • Open to the elements - fun in good weather, not so great in the rough
  • Longer paddle needed to allow for the wider kayak
  • Difficult, but not impossible, to roll while remaining on the kayak
  • Additional thigh and seat/back pads are required for comfort on longer trips

Keywords: Day Trips, Kayaks, Spray Deck

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